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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peanut butter

When we visit my family in Michigan we stay at my mom and dad's house. My daughter has always been a picky eater. I've found out my dad is too, but he hid it so well when we were kids. My mom is an excellent cook, she learned from my dad's mom. Some day I'll be sure to post some of my grandma Bouwman's recipes.
Now my dad who was an engineer tends to tinker about in the kitchen. He has perfected his pizza sauce (the way he likes it) and makes a really thin pizza crust. He has his bread recipe down to a science, and peanut butter his way! When we stay with them Maranda has to have grandpa's homemade bread and peanut butter every morning. She never eats that at home. But lately she's been on a peanut butter kick and wanted to make grandpa's. I've been trying to bake more breads too so it's perfect (I need to call and get his recipe). I had her make it herself. My dad uses redskin peanuts roasted and salted. We couldn't find them at Richard's Wholefoods so we just got the roasted and salted peanuts they had.
Just toss them in the food processor, and start grinding.
It will probably take a good five minutes. First it makes them crumbs then they all stick together in a lump. Keep going until it all smooths out. She drizzled in some honey (to taste) and a tiny bit of oil until it get the consistency that you like. My dad doesn't add any oil (he says it separates) but we liked it a little thinner and the canola oil we added wasn't enough to make it separate. But isn't that one reason you make your own, so you can have it the way you like it?

Of course you can do this with almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, whatever you fancy!