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Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheeburger Cheeburger - Birthday Lunch!

Wednesday was our first day off from school before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Maranda always gets a coupon in the mail every year for her birthday to get a free meal at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Well it was raining, and I was able to get caught up on my blog reading and was getting ready to scan some old birthday photos for her birthday on my other blog, Aqua Sunday. Perfect day do get this stuff done.

Did I mention it was raining? Here is a shot of our side yard, from the carport. Our ditch in our front yard filled up right away!
It hasn't rained in awhile, so it was different for us to see it fill up so fast. After Wade left for work he called when he was on the street that ours connects into, well apparently it was covered with water and he said he was making a wake like he was in a boat!

Our pool filled up, which is good for this time of year, I can back wash the filter without having to add more water. was a perfect day to go to lunch, Maranda's choice. The ditch had receded by the time we left for Cheeburger Cheeburger .
It's like a fifties style Burger joint/ diner, where they post you can "invent your own taste". Which means you can create your own milkshake they claim there are 378,000 combinations. Or they have over 20 topping choices for the burgers, chicken sandwich, or grilled cheese. The can be huge. They have a famous pounder that will get your photo on their wall if you finish it, for only $10.99. I ordered The Classic it's their "beginner" burger, which was plenty for me.
The fries are made fresh everyday right there at the restaurant! Of course plenty choices for dipping them in!
Since Maranda's meal was a free kids meal (she couldn't finish her sandwich anyway) it came in the fifties car. She doesn't eat burgers so she got the chicken tender sandwich with ranch dressing on the side, and with all those choices to top it with... oh well!
I know you are all wondering what I chose for my burger! Blue cheese, black olives, and artichoke hearts, with a little mayo! They didn't have avocado (I told them it was missing from the choices) on the list, just guacamole, and that's not the same. Doesn't it look better with a bite out of it?
I was good, it is so rare that we eat burgers, it's nice to get a good one when you do.

The wall where all those crazy people who ate the pounder, and there were actually "repeat offenders". Geesh! There is no way!
Of course the decor was chrome and Formica, with pink and aqua the main colors. Plenty of neon to boot! We usually only go here once a year. I wonder how long they will send her the "Birthday Coupon".
We had a sunny Thanksgiving Day and Maranda's birthday. I don't think it's ever rained on her birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday to Maranda! So, you're celebrating her birthday & thanksgiving at the same time at your uncle's house! Sounds like lots of fun. What's her birthday presents? I'm sure it's not a car yet!! hehe.... The burger looks just ok to me. However, thanks for sharing all those lovely photos! You've a wonderful weekend & holiday. Cheers.

  2. Those hamburgers look so good! And fresh cut French fries?! I love a good French fry! Sounds like you had a great birthday celebration.

  3. Happy Birthday to Maranda. Have a nice weekend :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Maranda! The burger looks so good!! Your front yard is so huge! Imagine the outdoor party you can hold there :)

  5. I'm from florida too, so i know how it rains over there. Well, thats as good excuse as any to dive into a delicious burger :). Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving :) *kisses* HH

  6. Kristy - She says thanks, we are getting her a laptop but it has to be for Christmas too. This is the year she can get her driving permit, no car yet (whew).

    Teresa - I like a good fry too, fresh fries without all the work of making them yourself. I liked all the choices of dipping sauce that came with them.

    Petite noyonya - We've had a couple of partys for her here. We have a large double car concrete carport, with My husbands workshop in back. So we used that and the kids had a large area, to set up tables and use sidewalk chalk, and run around!

    HH - So you know exactly what it's like. I think the peninsula states do that. I remember growing up in Michigan the same thing, and the weather would change at the drop of a hat. Thanks, we had a nice quiet Thanksgiving!


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