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Friday, December 18, 2009

Korean Sushi

Okay it's been so crazy here. Getting ready to drive to the frigid north for Christmas. Having everything before school got out on Friday, for both my school and Maranda's. Cookies?...ha! I had some dough I pulled out of the freezer and baked. Was at Old Navy at 7 AM to pick up some $1 fuzzy socks and $3 micro fleece shirts so we can survive next week. Drove down to Port Charlotte to get Maranda's laptop because the Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton stores were all sold out. She wants it before the trip, and it was for her birthday/Christmas combined. Now I have to get tires put on and need to go downtown Sarasota and wait an hour by myself, because I just dropped Maranda off at the mall to meet her friend.

So I thought I'd share my lunch with you. We love Korean Sushi. It's so colorful and good for you. Maranda loves it too (but she's not getting any, she's at the mall)

Well, there is a lot here. Someone will get it for leftovers!

We get it at the Asian store that is just around the corner from us. The owner is Korean and they have classes to teach Korean cooking. Saturday is the only day they have the sushi available. I want to learn how to make it. She's the one that showed me how to make the fresh spring rolls!

Have any of you made sushi, or Korean sushi?


  1. Oh the frenzy week of shopping!! Yes I have made both sushi b4, will post them soon :)

  2. Lyndsey, never do the last minute shopping! But you've no choice huh! Your daughter is such a lucky girl. So, did you found her the laptop? I like sushi too(not my family)but don't eat them very often. So, never made them myself! Just buy it instead.
    So, are you planning to attend more cooking classes?

  3. 3 Hungry Tummies - I can't wait for your posts!

    Kristy - Yes we had to wait until the last minute to get her laptop, finances are tough right now!

    I was lucky with her teaching me how to make the spring rolls, she was nice a just told me. I haven't taken any cooking classes yet, but I'd really love too, It seems like it would be learning from your grandma!

  4. I am preparing to make sushi soon and will share with you ;DD

  5. oh wow you lucky thing having that store near your house, looks great your daughter will love her gift so cute

    Have a safe drive up north lol Rebecca

  6. The Sushi looks delicious! I have never heard of Korean sushi, so let me know when you post on your cooking lesson.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :0)

  7. My boyfriend makes sushi pretty often, but not a big fan even though I lived in Japan for two years. What's the difference between Korean and Japanese sushi?

  8. Anncoo - Oh good! Can't wait! :D

    Rebecca - Thanks

    Camilla - I will, and YW I enjoyed it!

    Devon - There are slight differences, I think texture and how they season the rice. Korean sushi (of course they have a Korean name for it not the Japanese "sushi") doesn't use raw fish, mostly veggies and sometimes spam or ham if they use meat. They don't usually serve it with soy sauce and wasabi. The sauce I got with it was slightly sweet.
    How did you like living in Japan?

  9. Can you believe I've never had sushi? It looks beautiful. I have to try it one of these days.
    *kisses* HH

  10. HH - No I can't believe it :) Well...when you visit me in Florida I'll take you out for sushi. I'm sure you'll find something you like!

  11. I would KILL for a store like that nearby!

  12. ça ne peut être que délicieux je craque devant tes photos
    bonne soirée

  13. I've never made any kind of sushi and I wouldn't have any problem polishing off 6 pieces of it.

  14. Aux délices des gourmets - it does taste as good as it looks!

    Robyn - I wish I could share it with you!

  15. Tes sushis ont l'air savoureux.
    Je note la recette.
    A bientôt et bonnes fêtes.
    Happy Chrismas from Paris.

  16. The Korean sushi looks fabulous. I hope that your trip was enjoyable and much less stressful than the preparation to travel.

    Happy New Year to you.

  17. Hello Lindsey,
    Happy New year and wishing you & your family all the best for the coming year.

  18. Happy New Year 2010 I offer my best wishes for happiness and success
    see you

  19. Thank you all for your comments and holiday wishes. The best to all of you as well!


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