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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The rest of the Banana

I was out trying to get a good photograph of my Bird Of Paradise. When I was walking out back I notice these on the ground:

Oh yes, I knew what those were. Banana blossoms. So I looked up at this very tall banana tree...

and sure enough a banana bud!
It starts out as the purple bud, then the outer part curls back and falls off, and the blossoms are actually the tips of each banana.
They are getting bigger. the purple bud is at the bottom of the photo.

A different angle.

The first photo was taken in July. Wade kept asking when we should pick the bananas. I thought when the top one just start to turn yellow. But then we didn't want them to turn bad before we could harvest them. It's so hard to notice them being up so high. So we really had to make a point to go check on them once in awhile. Well the tree was starting to lean, and it was getting a little cooler out. Once the bananas are done the tree dies and you have to cut it down. We thought we might as well pick them while we had the taller ladder and before we lost them.
So Sunday that's what we did...errr...Wade did. He's on the top step of the ladder.
Here's the whole bunch! There are several new trees that are already quite tall that will replace the old one.
Here's the tail that broke off when he cut the bunch loose. In a perfect world or climate that would be full of fruit.
Tucker is always so helpful in the yard!
He does love those logs!

Finally the tree banana less!
I might have to bring some north with us when we go for Christmas. Or make tons of banana bread!