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Monday, March 1, 2010

Martha Mondays - Healthy Macaroni and Cheese

This weeks Martha Mondays project was chosen my Robyn over at Robyn's Nest. Her pick was Martha's Healthy Macaroni and Cheese where you use pureed butternut squash and ricotta with the elbow macaroni and some sharp cheddar cheese, topped with a little Parmesan and breadcrumbs.

I did follow the recipe mostly, but I microwaved the squash just because it is easier than trying to cut up the uncooked squash. I also changed the seasoning a tad. I didn't have cayenne so I used a little garlic, tarragon and Tuscan seasoning, not too much. I seasoned it more how I would the squash rather than mac and cheese.

This was another easy recipe to make and it turned out fine. We all liked it, but we enjoyed it more as a squash baked pasta, rather than replacement for mac and cheese. I think it definitely needed added seasoning, for us anyway.

Thanks Robyn it was a good choice for a busy day! A nice warm baked dish. Can't wait to see how you liked yours! Check out how Pru's turned out on her blog Perfecting Pru . You can also check out the Martha Mondays Blog List on Brette's Blog Martha and Me.

Okay this is off subject, but yesterday was a clear sunny day and after the rainy Saturday we had we took advantage of it and went to the bay front for a walk. Tucker gives us this "hey am I going with you?" look. I'm sure all you dog owners are familiar with the look! We decided to check out the sculptures on display for Sarasota Season of Sculpture since we haven't seen the ones for this year yet. I will post more on this on my other blog Aqua Sunday.
I just wanted to share another photo of Tucker, this one he's checking out one of the sculptures.

And here is the sign that tells you about it.

I just found out from Wade that they both had some of the Healthy Macaroni and Cheese for a snack after he picked up Maranda from school today. So I guess they weren't just saying that they liked it! Have a good Monday!


  1. great mac and cheese and fun pic of your doggie, oh wow Hawaii must have been fun

  2. I love mac & cheese, whether healthy version or not :). Tucker's just adorable! He looks so curious while checking out the sculpture. I wonder what he was thinking. Haha.

  3. Haha...just look at Tucker! Checking out his new friend! So cute! Well, I guess Mac & Cheese is always a perfect meal for a super busy day. So, enjoy!

  4. The macroni looks fantastic!!! Have a great week!

  5. Great photo of your dog with the sculpture. I laughed out loud! I have to know, did he lift his leg?

    What a fabulous lo-cal mac and cheese! Copying now.

  6. We liked the mac and cheese too. My daughter loved it till I told her it had squash in it. But she did come back for secomds! I'm late posting it though. Hopefully tonight.
    Have a great day!!!

  7. Mac and favorite..this looks totally tempting..
    Love Tucker's snap..he is really cute..

  8. Excellent, healthy mac and cheese :) I need to try this.
    *kisses* HH

  9. I think I'd rather have less of the real thing that put squash in my mac...Ellie Krieger does the same thing and I think the finished dish just looks weird.

    I love the pic of Tucker!

  10. Macaroni and cheese is at the top of my list and this sounds delicious! Sounds good with the addition of squash! Looks like Tucker made a new friend!

  11. Fantastic mac n cheese..and your doggie looks cute as ever :-)

  12. Un très bon gratin.
    J'adore ce mélange.
    A bientôt.

  13. Rebecca -Thanks, Hawaii was fun and I love all the different ethnic foods there. Loved the food!

    petite nyonya -I think there is a mac & cheese for anyone! I know the look on Tucker's face makes you wonder! haha!

    Kristy -Haha! I think Tucker would put up with anything to come along with us.

    Rachana Kothari - Thank you!

    Barbara - Haha! No, he didn't lift his leg on it! But what a look he gave us! Hope you like the mac and cheese!

    Megan -Can't wait to check out yours!

    Deepa G Joshi -Thanks!

    HH -Thanks, I'll have to make it for you!

    TKW - I feel the same way, this wasn't mac & cheese, but a squash, pasta dish with cheese. It was good in that context.

    Pam -Thanks, I think my daughter would add more cheese to hers, mac & cheese is at the top of her list too.

    Gulmohar -Thank you, and our dog will turn 14 in May. I'll post more pics.

    Saveurs et Gourmandises - Thank you, the mix did seem to work well.

  14. I am making mac and cheese today! I love it!

  15. The Mac and Cheese looks great. My 6 year old would never let me add all those flavours to it but we always sneak in the butternut squash or sweet potatoe. He calls it the secret ingredient that makes it so creamy. I am going to try your for the rest of the family though.

  16. I really like that mac n' cheese recipe. It is definitely a healthier version.

    btw, it looked like a beautiful day for a walk.

  17. I love dogs and I love the picture you took! Aurea has a logo you can download from her blog: a girl with a dog and a blog. it's fun. I have it too (and have no dog)

  18. That looks like a tasty and interesting twist to the usual recipe ! Tucker looks adorable as usual :)

  19. I'll have to try this ...keeping it in mind that it isn't a replacement for Mac n Cheese! Looks good though!

  20. Erica - I love it too. I'll have to check out your Mac & Cheese.

    Ward - I remember you mentioning that about your 6 yr old, that's so funny. At least this one is easy to try.

    Velva - You can always add a little more cheese or!

    Laura - Thanks, and I'll check out the logo to download on Aurea's blog. (You're don't even have a dog!)

    Lynda - Thanks for your kind words

    Kitchen Butterfly - It is a good dish IMO, and easy enough to try. Let me know what you think.

  21. Oh Lyndsey I love this dish, nice combo. I'm sure my husband will love this too. And I love Tucker too!


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