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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Won Some Bento Stuff!!

I found out about this give away that Wendy was having at her blog Wendolonia. I was on twitter with my new bento blogger friends and one had tweeted about it. I find I always love to check out new blogs, bentos and giveaways, that they recommend. I am so glad that I discovered Wendy's blog, she has such a wide variety of subjects that she covers. She reviews products that every mom would love to use, and more. She has projects, crafts, and a weeks worth of bentos at a time, and family fun and photos. You should check her blog space out!

I was thrilled that I was selected, because being fairly new to bento making (although I've been looking into it and checking out everyone bentos for awhile now). I really didn't have much bento gadgets. I had some lunch boxes that would work. I even got a large bento for Christmas from a co-worker, but it's so large for lunch. Anyway when Wendy contacted me and asked what I would like...I told her anything would be great! So this is what I got...

Two egg molds, a bunny and a bear. Now I have to learn how to use it. Rice molds, heart, star, and bear. A nice neutral bento box, that I could even use for my husband. Some dividers and "I tried something new" tags.

Then at I found these cutters clearance at Home Goods! I like when that happens.

They have small shapes that would work well for many things. Bonus, it has little chocolate molds too. Who knows what I could come up with with the letters!

I made some saffron sticky rice and I thought I would give the mold a shot. When Maranda saw it she said "Oh cool can I have one?" and popped it in her mouth. I guess that will work for her lunch. I did this one real quick this morning, just so I could use the bear. Didn't get the nori out to cut yet, but did use the star cutter on a spinach leaf to the star onigri under the bear onigri. She still likes to have sandwiches in her lunch.

Too quick on the photo, didn't get a clear picture, but you get the idea. She even said she like her lunch all on her own without me asking.

Thanks Wendy! You helped my bento box making a little easier and a little more fun! Next...I'm tackling the egg molds!

Venice Beach when we were in Venice for Tucker's birthday.