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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Martha Mondays - Sirloin Salad with Cilantro

Welcome to Martha Mondays hosted by Brette from Martha and Me this week it was Sarah's turn from Mum in Bloom to make the challenge selection. She chose a salad which is nice with the warm weather and all. She chose Sirloin salad with Cilantro. This was a perfect dish for us #1. It has was so hot we actually turned on our air conditioning. I usually hold off as long as I can. #2. I was waiting for a dish that was not a dessert. #3. Wade has off on Sunday and Mondays so this I when we usually have steak or something else to grill. I still do the grilling and he starts the charcoal.

It was simple enough, especially for a Martha recipe. I was just confused a little on the salad part. It seamed to be just the steak, onion and cilantro.

The marinade was good and the flavors blended really well. I again didn't understand why we needed flat leaf parsley for garnish when we had cilantro as the salad? I did use a few more greens in mine. The steak was wonderful!
We did get a chance to go see the sunset too when Wade has off from work. It has been windy so the ripples show up good, even in the shoreline! Just wanted to share!!

Hope you all have a good week now!