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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Herbed Flatbread - Martha Mondays

Today's Martha Mondays event was chosen by Sarah of Sassy Suppers and she is a great baker. She also participates in The Daring Bakers, so go check out her blog. The recipe that she selected for us to make is Herbed Flatbread from p. 172 of June Living magazine.

It was a straight forward recipe and easy to follow. I, however am not what you call a baker. I again got a chance to see Pru's finished project and Brette's, and they both were successful. One made the full recipe and froze the remainder, the other halved (like I often do) the recipe. So I knew the recipe was good and worked well. So I thought I would try something different. I made the dough in my bread machine. I first put in the wet ingredients, then the dry with the yeast in a little nest on top. I also added a little dry herbs right in the dough. It was a good way to do it because I was busy making dinner too.

It turned out good. I didn't have to use any parchment paper because I always used my
large bar pan and nothing sticks to it. When it calls for you to grease the pan I never have to do that either. Between this, the medium bar pan, and other stoneware I bet I use one of these everyday. I wouldn't want to be without it!

My family liked it okay, they are more like a crackers with a crisp crust, but they like my Olga's Flatbread better. (it's a different bread, it's soft) I used herbs on some, parmesan cheese and course salt on others, and made one with Italian seasoning and garlic for my daughter.

If anyone wants to join us for Martha Mondays check out Brette's Martha and Me blog that tells all about it. You can find what others are also busy on Mondays!