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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pandan Aebleskiver

Some friends of mine from Malaysia use pandan in many recipes. Pandan is native to Malaysia and is very popular there, they can even grow it in their back yard. It is also known as srewpine. (I'll have to look into growing it here). The leaves of the screwpine, or pandan is used in savory as well as sweet desserts. I was so curious about it I had to try and find some.

I went to the Asian market (it's just around the corner) they know Me by name now. The lady that works the counter and out with the product didn't know what I was talking about, (she is Korean, maybe they don't use it) and she wanted to know what the American name was (I forgot screwpine). We were there in Saturday in the back waiting for our lunch to be prepared, so I asked the girls cooking if they had any pandan extract, and she walked right over and handed me some. So I had to experiment on my own, and since I was using my aebleskiver pan I thought I'd make Pandan Aebleskivers.

Using a basic recipe that I found from Sunset magazine that was posted on My Recipes, I made a few changes.

-1 3/4 cups flour
-3 T sugar
-2 1/2 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp salt
-1 egg
-1 cup coconut milk

-1 tsp pandan extract
Whisk the egg, coconut milk, and pandan extract. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients, then slowly add to the egg, milk mixture.
Pour or scoop into wells that have been heated and buttered. Turning partway, then again all the way. You can place something in the center if you want a filling part way. It will turn out hollow so you can fill it later if you want.

Dust with powdered sugar, or drizzle it with icing.

Or fill it with your favorite jam. I wish I had some coconut jam to fill these with. I used some peach passion conserve, but it doesn't look too pretty.

I would like to try to make some Thai pandan-coconut roll pancakes, but that's not with this pan. I made these with Kristy in mind wishing her a Happy Birthday while we were eating them! Cheers!

Edited to add:
I forgot to mention how I liked it! We did like it, it has a real nice flavor, nothing too overpowering really mellow. I would love to try the juice from the leaves themselves. I'm not a big fan of matcha so this is a nice "green" I will use again! I am adding a photo at the request of Cool Lassie.
Hope this helps!


  1. Happy trying Pandan, i can get Pandan just from my backyard..and I like to use pandan in my baking and cooking..

  2. Oh My god! What a lovely color! I am in love with it. Can you tell me where this is available? Asian Market? Does it have any other name besides Screwpine? Can you please post a shot of that Pandan Extract Bottle?

  3. OMG, thanks alot Lynd! I'm totally thrill! ^_^ Oh dear those pandan Aebleskivers look truly delicious! So, what do you think about the pandan flavour? Interesting? I just love the flavour so much. Thanks again. I'm going to take some rest after this. See ya! Hope you're having a great day!
    Blessings, Kristy

  4. Dear, one more question. I called stop and shop and asked for this. They asked if its Badiaa/Bodiaa or something. Does this Pandan go by any other name?Let me know.

  5. Such a lovely colour! Looks delicious :-)

  6. Cool Lassi(e)- I will try to get a photo posted of the bottle. I have never heard it referred to by Badiaa/Bodiaa. At Thai Food and Travel they mention it as Pandanus Leaf (Dteuy Hom or Bai Dteuy, usually labeled "Bai Toey")
    I got it at my Asian market.

  7. Interesting recipe and the colour is unusual. Doubt if I can get the ingredients here but worth a try. Diane

  8. Lovely colour Lyndsey, not too green. So how do you like your first experience cooking with pandan flavour! You'll love it more if it's fresh pandan juice!

  9. That was very quick! Thanks for posting a shot of it. I love it! I will have to check out the International Aisles.

  10. Sonia, you are lucky! I want to see if I can get a plant.

    Kristy, it has a really nice flavor. Thanks for introducing me to so many good and new things. Just what I like!

    Rachana, thanks

    Diane, I had a hard time finding it, but I was determined.

    Jeannie, thank you. I really like the flavor (and added that to my blog post). I would love to try fresh juice.

    Cool Lassie, you're welcome! Good luck!

  11. I love pandan! Those Aebelskiver are very cute and wonderfully green!



  12. When I tried it...I thought it sort of tasted like jasmine that the flavor you got too? But recently I bought some pandan cookies from the Asian market and they didn't taste like rice...just very sweet and not very good. What you made looks really great!

  13. I just noticed your new banner...I think the pineapple is the best one you have had yet.

  14. pandan is one fruit I have yet to taste; or is it considered a veggie? in any case, love what you did with it! they look adorable.

  15. Wonderful use of pandan. Love the colors in the dish. Very creative.


  16. I just happened upon your blog. Love this recipe.

  17. Pandan adds a nice aroma to many dishes too e.g coconut rice (Nasi Lemak) of SE Asia. Used to get pandan leaves from the frozen section at Asian grocery stores in California.

  18. These are beautiful. I'm not familiar with pandan. However I admire how clever you were in finding it.

  19. They are very cute! I hope you can get some fresh pandan leaves. Otherwise frozen leaves work just as well . Have a great weekend Lyndsey!

  20. Rosa, thank you

    Bo, yes that's a good way to describe it, and kind of buttery. I will use it with rice next, and thanks!

    tasteofbeirut, ha! I don't know if it's a fruit or veggie!

    Lazaro, thank you, nice of you to say

    tigerfish, they didn't have frozen leaves, but maybe she'll get some in for me.

    Thank you Sam, I've seen several recipe using it, but this is my first time.

    3HT, they were good cold too. I hope I'll be able to get some frozen leaves.

  21. Moogie...I didn't mean to miss you, sorry! Thank you for commenting, and I'm happy to meet you!

  22. Ah, more pandan .. I never tried it when I was in Asia and I find it all over right now .. it must be the season!

  23. These are so adorable, exotic and fun!! Stunning pictures, too. Your foodie adventures are great fun to follow!

  24. These are so pretty! And they look irresistibly delicious. Pandan + Coconut Milk = Heaven!

  25. These look delicious! I love the beautiful green color. We don't have any Asian markets near us, so if the health food store doesn't have it I suppose I will have to order online.

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. oh wow this is so cool and love the color I bet your neighbors love you

  27. Laura, you still haven't tried it?

    bentobird, thank you, that's so nice of you to say. I'm happy you're having fun here!

    Cinnamon-Girl, you're right, Pandan + Coconut Milk just seem to go together.

    Jessica, I hope you can find some and try it.

    Rebecca, ha! thanks, it drives my dog nuts!

  28. I've never tried Panden, I love anything asian though. I love the color, they are cute!

  29. Pandan is also one of additional ingredients that can't be separated from Indonesian food. We got lots of it around our house :D. My grandma loves to make Nasi Gurih (Indonesian fragrant rice) and various of sweet porridge with it :D. Am so happy to see Koepoe-Koepeoe brand on your blog, am so familiar with this brand hehehe ^^. Seems you got a lot of fun with your new pan, yeayy!! :D

  30. Oh Lindsey, how nice you can find this brand of pandan and it is originated from Indonesia. I also like to use few drop of this in my cakes or snacks sometime.

  31. pandan is new to me; but looks very interesting. a great way to bring that tempting green color. thanks for the bottle photo!

  32. Very cool! I have an ableskiver pan and have only used it once. This looks fun!

  33. I have never tried Pandan...but totally want to! I've also never had an aebelskiver...and want to. Ugh. These sound great =)


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