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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chicken Piccata - Quick, Easy Meal

This time of year is too hot (at least here in Florida) to really want to cook much. Here is a easy and tasty meal that you can finish quickly. I used the chicken breasts that were already prepared into cutlets. I get them when they are on sale, otherwise you can slice and pound them into cutlets yourself.

-3 tablespoons butter, divided
-1 tablespoon flour
-1 teaspoon seasoned salt
-large zip-top bag
-4 chicken breast cutlets (about 1 lb)
-1/4 cup water
-1 tablespoon capers
-juice of 1/2 lemon
-3 tablespoons white wine (optional)

Season cutlets with sea salt and pepper, place flour and seasoned salt in zip-top bag; shake to mix. Add chicken, seal tightly and shake to lightly dust each piece.

Preheat large sauté pan on medium-high 2-3 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of the butter; swirl to coat. Add chicken; cook 5 minutes, without turning, or until golden.
Turn chicken, add wine, then stir in capers, juice of one-half lemon (about 1 tablespoon), remaining 1 tablespoon butter, and 1/4 cup water. Cook 2-3 minutes or until sauce begins to thicken and internal temperature of chicken reaches 165°F.

I also made some couscous with toasted pine nuts, since it cooks up quickly. It didn't get in the photo when it was finished. I guess it happened too quickly. You can also serve it with some fresh asparagus. Either a quick sauté or microwave like this:
1 pound fresh asparagus spears
1 tablespoon water
1 tablespoon butter
1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt

Cut 1 inch from tough root end of asparagus spears and discard. Cut into 2-inch pieces. Place in microwave-safe bowl with water.
Cover and microwave on HIGH 4-5 minutes, stirring once, or until desired tenderness. Drain asparagus; stir in butter and seasoned salt. Serve

The whole meal is so easy, quick, yet tasty. Hope this helps to take some of the summer heat off you!

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