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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween ~ Tailgating Time #8

You don't have to like football to enjoy tailgating! What is more fun than sharing good food with good friends? Join us for week #8 of Tailgating Time, I can't believe that it has already been eight weeks! Come on! it's easy, just add your link! It's all about the food!!

This week I'm bringing a casserole! I'm sure everyone will like it. I have a nice carrying case that will keep it nice and warm until I get there, and I won't have to crowd the grill! It might be Halloween, but none of this food is scary! Well...I could bring some blue cheese...that's kind of scary...good, but scary! :D
Tailgating Time will be posted every Sunday at noon and it will be open until noon on Wednesday. That should still give you plenty of time to add your family favorites. We'll play each and every week until Superbowl Sunday.
Can't wait to see what you bring! Mwaaaah aaa haaaa! (that was supposed to be a scary laugh)

Tailgating Time is brought to you this week by:
Martha at ~ Seaside Simplicity
Tamy at ~ 3 Sides of Crazy
Me here at ~ The Tiny Skillet
Would you like to be a host of Tailgating Time too? Leave me a comment with your email so I can let Martha know and she'll send you the code and add you to the host list - more exposure, more links, more football food, more fun!

I was going through some of our old photos, so I thought I would sharing a picture of my little witch way back when she was in kindergarten. I guess she didn't want to stand pretty for mommy...sigh...they grow up so fast...!


  1. What a cute little witch, lol!! Not very happy, but still very cute. :o) Thanks for hosting Lyndsey and Happy Halloween!

  2. I agree, what a grumpy witch! Hope she got out of it! Mine won't pose for pictures ever!

  3. Everyone's recipes look so good this week - I am looking forward to making the rounds!

    Have a wonderful week dear friends!


  4. Quite a grumpy witch indeed, fits the outfit lol! Anyway, the dishes looks yummy! Hope I can try some of them, especially the meatballs!

  5. Lyndz, Maranda looks so cute! You think she ever wants to wear that kind of custome again? haha.... I think she would prefer to put on a gown like a little princess. ^_^ Happy Halloween to you & your family!
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. She's adorable, even when she's grumpy!
    Going back now to click on all the yummy recipes!

  7. Awwww! What a great photo!!!! She's a doll. Thanks for the great recipes. They all sound good!

  8. What a beautiful girl!!!Delicious recipes.

  9. she is so cute, Thanks for sharing the great recipes here.

  10. I'm all over those pumpkin pie bars!

  11. I hope you had a great Halloween! She is so cute. Great food.



  12. Awww, love the old photo Lyndsey, just precious! :-)

    Great casserole for Tailgating Time this week!

  13. Love your sweet cute witch! Delicious recipes!
    Happy Halloween to you and all your loved ones!:)

  14. The little witch is cute in her own way! So kind of you to share the recipes.

  15. Thanks everyone who linked up to tailgating Time, and brought some wonderful dishes. I can't wait to dig in!

    I do have some better Halloween pictures of Maranda! I even have her in a cute fairy princess costume! Next year I'll post those!

  16. I absolutely love that photo of Maranda!


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