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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bacon Fried Rice

I love making fried rice, almost as much as we like eating it. It is such a nice way to put a tasty meal on the table quickly, and use up things in your refrigerator.
It is kind of like quiche, you use a basic recipe and add what you like or what you have on hand!

It works best if you use cold rice, preferably from the night before.
The bacon was already cooked and nice and crisp! I also cooked up some bok choy that needed to be used up, and I always have carrots on a few of them were added to the tiny bit of oil to cook up along with the bok choy. The snow peas were added right before the rice.

I like to use:
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp ginger garlic sauce
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
Of course all seasoning is to your taste!
In a little well that you create in the middle of the cooked rice, add a few drops of canola oil and drop in an egg then stirring until cooked through and gently mix through the other ingredients.

I added the bacon last right before serving so it will still be crisp. I wasn't sure about this at first...but then after's bacon! It was great!

I was hoping to have some left to use in my bento box lunch the next day, but no such luck.

What are some different things that you like to add to your fried rice?


  1. Love fried rice but have never made my own. Your addition of bacon has convinced me to give it a try! Looks delicious. :)

  2. I shall make extra rice next time just so that I have an excuse to stir up a dish like this one ;o)

    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes,

  3. One of my favorite meals...I actually cook rice...just to make fried rice...lately Ive been using sweet soy and oyster sauce and making it a little saucey...and topping with a fried egg...something I learned from 3 hungry tummies.

  4. Betty Ray - I know you'll love it!

    Claudia - that's what I do...make extra just so I can make fried rice.

    Bo - Now I know where I'm going next time I want some good fried rice. I love using oyster sauce in it too, but have only had the egg fried and mixed in. I've had a fried egg on top of some yaki soba noodles.

  5. I have never made fried rice! I can not wait to try this!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Why have I never thought of makes perfect sense. Sounds so delicious!

  7. I've never seen bacon in fried's genius!! Fried rice is fantastic on it's own, but with the bacon it sounds so good. Great idea.

  8. This sound so delicious, I must try to cook this soon.

  9. I love fried rice too. We usually add spicy Spam to ours, but bacon sounds like something I'd really enjoy as well.

  10. That looks like a delicious plate of fried rice! The bacon is a great idea! I like to add minced meat.

  11. What a wonderful plate of fried rice but this is a big No for us at the moment lol

  12. This is quite similar to what I make but I have to admit to not using bacon. Next time I will certainly give it a try. Diane

  13. Mmm fried rice is always always always good stuff. And then you went and added bacon. Genius!

  14. That's a fantastic meal..My kids just love the fried rice when it is so colorful like this..

  15. This must be so fragrant. Oh the bacon makes the difference.

  16. you had me at bacon...

    love fried rice! great idea. I will be copying it soon. :)

  17. Kristen, you should, it's fun!

    Rebecca, come join me!

    Julie, yeah I know!

    Karen, thanks, it did work!

    Sonia, hope you do try it!

    Lisa, I posted my spam fried rice, we love that too. I need to try the spicy spam!

    Jeannie, that sounds good too.

    3HT, I was thinking about that, no carbs for you, sorry!

    Diane, let me know!

    Joanne, thanks, so nice of you to say :D

    Ivonne, thanks!

    Gulmohar, I'm sure your kids would like this, you can always add what they like.

    Krishnaveni, thank you!

    tigerfish, the bacon is the topper!

    Susan B, I know you'll like it! Bento perfect too!

  18. This lokks awesome, I love fried rice!! and of course being from the midwest, i love the addition of the bacon!


  19. You have no idea how I enjoyed this post; my husband Needs bacon in his fried rice, so I have been making it this way for 40 years.
    Love it,

  20. I adore fried rice and usually have it for breakfast - really! Yours looks wonderful. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  21. I am always excited to have extra rice to make fried rice--it is true comfort food--and as Mary says, I eat it for breakfast too. Many places here offer it on the breakfast menu. Yours looks full of good stuff. ;-)

  22. anniebakes, of course! gotta have bacon! :D

    Rita, that's funny, so nothing new to you! Your husband know what he needs! :D

    Kurinji, thanks!

    Mary, with bacon and eggs this would be great for breakfast!

    Debi, yes I remember all the good rice when I lived in Hawaii. Here in Florida every place offers grits for breakfast!

  23. I love fried rice and all the ingredients you use with egg and crispy bacon make it more delicious and irresistible !

  24. Lyndsey this look really tasty and yummy! gloria


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