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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Roasted Chicken and Smashed Potatoes

My class was cancelled Monday due to jury duty for our instructor. So I had a chance to roast a chicken which would work perfect for leftovers for lunches. This chicken was so good I had to share it. I don't know if it was the chicken or spices or what, maybe I was just really hungry. I used a free range all natural nothing add to it chicken.

Wade has Mondays off so that was nice, we had a chance to go watch the sunset on the beach,(it is so early now 5:50PM) and then still eat supper together.

For the chicken I like to use my clay baker, it really cooks the chicken even and quicker. I clipped off some fresh rosemary and stuffed it in the chicken. Then seasoned it with my Bonne Herbes blend, sage, a sprinkle of perfect blend seasoning and rub for chicken and poultry and a little Penzey's Tsardust Memories. I used just a little of the Tsardust Memories because it has salt in it so I used it instead of salt. It has a wonderful warm flavor with the cinnamon and nutmeg. Then rubbed it with olive oil, and tossed in a couple cloves of garlic. Roasted it in a 350 degree oven for around an hour until it is done.

Now for the potatoes...

I saw this on Lynda's blog over at Food, Fun & Farm Life in East Africa and I thought they looked so satisfying that I had to try them. Just parboil the potatoes and then smash them with a rolling pin or masher or bottom of a jar...then drizzle on some olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, seasoning and garlic. I added some chopped garlic too.

Baked on a cookie sheet, I used my stoneware pan for 45 minutes until done. I put them right in the oven beside the chicken. I like how the potatoes are crispy crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, but that's just my preference, you can make them how you like them!

I am sharing the sunset that we saw last night. It has been so clear, no clouds at all....
...but plenty of birds...

...we were all enjoying the beautiful sunset...I think they were really watching the pelicans fish.
The moon was out and it was just a thumbnail sliver! My camera can't pick it up very well. Oh and we did see the "green flash" The conditions were just right, it must be that slight haze on the horizon...

I took this at school on Monday to show you all, the "silly band" fad that has been going on for while. I thought I would share it with The Color Carnival.
Now off to do the dishes, and please let me know if I left anything out!
Have a great week!


  1. The chicken and potatoes look really tasty (the leftovers would make a really good chicken salad), and the sunset is lovely.

  2. aha...good old roasted chicken and smashed potatoes. I wish it was veteran's day already!

  3. Lyndz, the roasted chicken looks so well done! I'm salivating. haha... I always love to pair roasted chicken with potatoes & some fresh green salad or fruit salad. Btw, did you have your fruit salad for dinner... with the sour plum powder? haha... So excited to find out!
    Glad to hear that you have a day off. It must be great to cook for the family and enjoy the walk. Hope you're having a great day ahead.
    Goodnight to you.

  4. I've heard about the silly band craze from my grandson. I think they're cute!

    Your chicken and potatoes are making me drool....and it's 7 in the AM!!

  5. wow! that is one lovely roast! Very evenly roasted and juicy looking... love the look of those potatoes too...lovely photos of the sunset you are so lucky to be staying so near the beach!

  6. That pan of chicken and potatoes is mouthwatering, seriously. I want a plate right now, with my morning cup of coffee, no less.

  7. I.M. - Thanks I know it's nothing special, but it did taste really good.

    Jhonny walker - yes nothing like it.

    Kristy - ha! no fruit salad yet, I'll do that for lunch. I did have some green leafy salad with it. Thanks for checking in on me! :D

    They are so cute on the kids, and it only distracts them a little! ;) Thanks, it was a simple dinner!

  8. looks yummy and I LOVE those beach pictures, how lucky you are to live close to all that beauty!


  9. What a nice post. I love your photos, especially that of the silly bands. My youngest grandsons love them. Your chicken sounds other worldly good. I hope all is well and that you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. mmm.. watching the sunset by the sea how romantic! :) Great looking roast chicken and we love smashed potato here too!

  11. Your sunset photos look like beautiful!

  12. The potatoes especially look really good. It dark and damp here, the leaves are pretty much off the trees and it all looks so bare. I loved seeing the photos of the sunset - wish I was there with you!

  13. Yummy...I love kitchen and potatoes, it's my favorite dinner, so easy and so good!
    I am an italian foodblogger with passion for baking, I find your blog very interesting!
    I am from an island near Capri, Ischia, but now I live near Rome. I really miss the sunset on the sea, you're lucky!

  14. I have aclay baker I haven't used in quite a while and I made smashed potatoes last night.
    Great post; right up my alley.

  15. Hi Lyndsey! My first time here. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and commenting :)

    That roast chicken looks so good. Such a conincidence that I will also be roasting a chicken for dinner tonight. Maybe I should try that smashed potatoes. It sounds really yummy.

  16. What a classic - roasted chicken and potatoes!

  17. I hope you had a great day too.
    And the chicken is lovely - I love roasting chicken 'cause of the leftovers too.

  18. chicken looks amazing and your lucky with a grocery store like that LOL, always love your beach snaps I was always thinking of you walking along FL beaches :-)

  19. Ah yes, silly bands...they've made their way everywhere, I see! This is my favorite type of meal, a simple roast chicken w/ taters...this is one of my favorite ways of making them, too :D

  20. That is one delicious meal! So mouthwatering. Love those smashed potatoes.



  21. I so want those potatoes! My kids love the silly bands too!

  22. Lyndsey!! I'm so glad you found my blog and that I have now found yours. Roast chicken is one of my favourite meals on the planet and I'm interested in the seasonings you used.

    And the potatoes! I wish I had seen this recipe yesterday because I would have made those with my roast. Am always on the lookout for a new potato recipe.

    Your photography is beautiful.I too live very near the ocean and like to spend time by the water to reflect and recharge as often as possible.


  23. What a wonderful comforting meal! I love the way you did the potatoes...they look great.
    I just love Penzey's spices, but haven't tried the Tsardust yet. I'll have to pick some up next time I go.

  24. Lyndsay, thanks! I love finding new ways to make potatoes too. I will let you know more about the seasoning. You shoud check out my Hasselback potatoes.

    We love walking the beach!

    Karen - Tsardust Memories has: salt, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, marjoram. I love using it for pork and chicken. I want to mix my own without the salt. I used it in a slow cooker before and it was too salty.


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