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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Super Easy Coconut Chocolate Bars

I have been a little preoccupied lately and have not been posting to my blogs or really had a chance to read many of your blogs. My parent have been down visiting for a month, and they were staying out on Siesta Key, just minutes from my house. It is always so nice to have them down, but sometime we have to schedule our time to see them. Their friends keep them pretty busy. Today they left to stay with my aunt and uncle in Bradenton for about a week. That is just about a half hour drive from us...but during peak season probably longer...lost more traffic this time of year!

During their visit my sister and niece came for a week visit, which is always fun. I took a couple of days off from work to spend some time with them. Even with all this going on the back of my mind I knew I had to schedule a time for me to take the ParaPro Assessment test before March 1. YIKES! Now you have to know that it has been quite some time since I've been in school (as a student that is) and taking a test on the computer is a little daunting. The state required all classified employees of the school board to pass the test to keep their position. We are supposed to be considered "highly qualified" as paraprofessionals to work in a classroom. Well I took the test on Thursday and passed it just fine! Whew! I was worried because I finished with and hour left...I was thinking...oh oh, that was too quick, what did I do wrong? :D With that off my mind and family gone now I can get back to my blogs!

I have made several things and have many photo (I hope I can remember what they all are) and I will start to share them with you...even what I made for the super bowl party!

This is such an easy recipe I am almost embarrassed to post it! I thought I would start back with an easy peasy recipe! It calls for:

1 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs (I used low fat)

1 1/2 cups of coconut flakes (I used what I got from Tropical Traditions)

1/2 cup chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet)

1 can sweetened condensed milk ( I think they come 15 oz size)

That's it! Four ingredients!

Mix it all together and press it in a prepared 8" square baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes until golden. Let it cool before cutting it into bars.

The hardest part is waiting for it to cool!

Maranda asked if she could have one for breakfast!

I think maybe next time I try adding some crystallized ginger. You could probably add nuts if you like!

So here are a few pictures from what we've been doing.

This is looking under the draw bridge that take you out to the key. We can hear the cars driving over this from our house. That's Midnight Cove II my parents condo, taken from our boat.

Where we have to launch the boat we have to travel quite a ways in a no wake zone to get anywhere...but it's a nice ride.

Always a nice view over looking the Gulf of Mexico on a sunny day!

Hope everyone will come back and visit me again. I will be back with more soon. Spring break is coming up soon and I will have a week off! Yay Spring!


  1. That recipe is VERY easy and I'm so glad you posted it.

    Congrats on passing your test. That is wonderful news.

    Hope you had a nice visit with your family. I for one have missed your posts, but am glad you were out there enjoying life.

    A week off is awesome!!

  2. Dear not all the time we can post, believe me I was with my parents last month and this month was crazy! I love your recipe look really delicious! x gloria

  3. Dear Lyndsay Love your recipe is amazing and delicious! and easy! Dear is not easy post always I know perfectly, I know well, huggs, gloria

  4. Super. Easy. and Chocolate. My three favorite words.

  5. wow fun to have your parents down, congrats on passing the test and give me a slice and a ride on the boat! he he hugs Rebecca

  6. CONGRATULATIONS, Lyndz! You must have done pretty well since you finished all the questions an hour early. Ha! Finally, you can spend some time for yourself. Do you still need to attend classes after the exam? Good now, we can catch up later. Btw, those lovely bars are perfect for my Sunday tea time. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  7. Love that recipe and what great photos. My type of weather, sunny and blue :-) Diane

  8. How nice to have everyone together! Congrats on finishing - you must have knocked that one outta the park!

  9. Love your south Florida photos. They bring back memories of our cruising the Florida coasts on a sailboat.
    And this recipe brings back memories, also. Years ago, when I worked at the restaurant for a Santa Fe conference center, we would make this same dessert. We called them Magic Bars.


  10. Gloria - Thanks for the encouraging words. It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

    Pam - I know, right!

    Rebecca - thanks! It is such a relief to get that off my mind.

    Kristy _ thank you! I know...I now have to get back to socializing, and fun stuff!

    Diane - It is so nice to be back to normal and above temps! I am loving it!

    Belinda - thanks you, it is great to have family around.

    Kathleen - I always have to show a few local photos. It's just part of me and my blog. I should call these magic bars I like that! :D

  11. Is that it just four ingredients? Simply brilliant Lyndsey! The chocolate bars look soooo good :D. Hope you have a great week off and enjoy spring break!!

  12. I've made these before! so easy and soooo're absolutely right that the hardest part is waiting for them to cool when all you want to do is devour them asap!

  13. Congrats for passing your exam, bet with flying colours:D I love easy recipes and this can't be any easier to make! Looks yummy too! Beautiful photos

  14. You cannot know how badly I want to pick that out of my screen and eat it!!

  15. Congrats for passing the exam! Must be such a relief :D Love your bars. Looks very simple and easy to make. I love condensed milk so I'm bookmarking this to try. Love all the beautiful scenery pictures. It's wonderful when family members come to visit. Blogging can always wait and so can we :D Hope you have a wonderful day.

  16. I have to try this recipe. Coconut and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations!
    Congrats on passing the test.
    P.S. I've been slack with blogging too (I blame it on the weather).

  17. This looks almost like Magic Bars without the butter and nuts. I have to try this one. It's too easy not to. :) Plus I love that there is no butter.
    So after looking at your pictures, I want to come visit. What a beautiful place. My girlfriend lives in Naples and is always begging for me to come visit. Wish it weren't to gang far away. :( How far in Naples from you?
    Glad you can relax now with family gone, and the test behind you. :)

  18. Congrats on passing your test. A good start a good new year. This bar sound so good, i bet my kids will love this, immediaet bookmarked, will try soon. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Taking time off for family is definitely an acceptable excuse. I approve. Especially when you make up for it with these delicious bars! Coconut chocolate heaven, if you ask me.

  20. Love the recipe. They look delicious! And I really love your area of the country. We love to visit the Keys and I would really love to live there!!! Glad you did well on the test, a great visit with your family and I hope Miranda got the bar for breakfast!

  21. Chocolate-coconut sounds amazing!!!!!That place looks beautiful!

  22. oh wow! from that dessert to the beach - I want everything in the post!

  23. Oh my goodness how delicious! My daughter would flip over these! I agree with @Simply Life, I could go for everything in this post!
    BLessings, Catherine~

  24. OMG, that looks so yummy, I cant believe those chocolate coconut bars only have 4 ingredients!!!
    Congrats on passing your test daaaahling, so happy for you.
    *kisses* HH

  25. Come on over and pick up your award which you certainly deserve.

  26. Sharon - yes 4 ingredients and they taste great!

    LittleAsianGirl BigAppetite - Aren't they good? Thanks for stopping by!

    Jeannie - thanks so much for your confidence in me! Much appreciated.

    mr. pineapple man - easy to make too!

    Lyndsay - wish I had some left to share!

    MaryMoh - thank you, with all the studying for the test and family and such. I love bringing out the fun, yummy recipes. The best part...with the sweetened condensed milk! Yum!

    Ivonne - Thanks you. It's hard to blog on nice sunny days here!

    Megan - thanks, I didn't think this recipe had too much bad going on except the SCM (yum). Naples is about a two hour drive from us.

    Sonia - thanks! My daughter is on her own on making this next time.

    Joanne - I am always so impressed with all you do! Thanks!

  27. Pam - thanks so much! Maranda can pretty much eat what she wants for breakfast...and she's such a good healthy eater she can slip once in awhile! :D

    Erica - thanks!

    Simply Life - thank you!

    Catherine - thanks, we really enjoy it!

    HH - thank you for sticking with me!

    Sweet and Savory - thank you so much! I will hop on over!


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