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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arepa With Egg (arepa de huevo)

Is everybody ready for some breakfast weekend style? This is the time I like to make a hearty breakfast or brunch. And you all know how I like to try new things . I have already showed you how to make arepas, and once you make them yourselves you will find many good ways to serve them...and eat them...and enjoy them...sitting poolside with your family. I have for you today.... a tale of two arepa de huevos. These egg filled corn cakes are a delight. If you already have the arepa flour, what could be better than to make some for breakfast?

It starts with the basic arepa recipe.... 1 cup masarepa flour •1/4 teaspoon salt •1 1/4 cup hot water •4 eggs more or less depending on how many people are eating. Mix the dough, and with wet hands form 4 balls, then flatten them into patties, or you can flatten them between two pieces of plastic wrap like above. I added some mixed herbs (chives, tarragon, chervil etc...) in mine, I have posted this blend before. In some of the instructions given on making egg filled arepas, they want you to reserve some of the dough to seal the egg inside the arepa.

On any flat pan/griddle melt a little butter and cook the arepas around 5 minutes per side until golden brown...

Yes! that is perfect. Now one instructions had you slice them open and scoop some of the excess out and place the egg in that area, then use the extra dough to seal it....ah...well...this really didn't work for me...

The egg oozed out of one, and the other didn't even make it...

so I just fried the egg with the arepa half on top...

...then added some cheese (a must for mine) put the other half on top...

...and finished it off.

the other one was okay, but didn't get the cheese inside and the egg wasn't what you call stuffed inside...

...but it tastes good!

The next time I thought I would use the white masarepa. I saw a video that had you insert a knife and make a slit...

..peak it open...oh man it slit farther on it own when I tried to cup it open to slide the egg inside...

...I even had this nice little cup with a pour spout...perfect to get the job done...well the egg still went all over and I could not get the wet dough to stick it together...I still stuffed some cheese in there as well, and made a mess...

....I still was able to get a pretty picture...

and it still tasted really can't complain about the taste...

This is the bottom of one where the egg leaked out. I guess this is one of these things that might not be pretty, but who cares it was great!

I would make them again....maybe I'll get it right. I want to try some of these other goodies to add to this savory breakfast corn cake....maybe some ripe tomatoes, chopped or thinly sliced,

or some green onions, finely chopped with garlic cloves, finely chopped , or ground cumin with a pinch of ground annatto seeds , topped with, chopped cilantro ! Salt and pepper to taste!!

What would you add to your arepa de huevo?


  1. These arepas Lindsey look amazing and delicious! gloria

  2. Definitely looks like a perfect brunch to me.

  3. These look a scrumptious breakfast to start my weekend morning!

  4. Lyndz, I love how you created the arepa! It looks so easy to you but not sure if I can come up the same shape and texture too. haha.... Yes, it's Sunday here. And is getting a bit lazy. Will have to prepare dinner in another 2 more hours. Still trying to catch up with you all as many as I could. Poor me! :o( Hope you're enjoying your weekend, dear.Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. Seeing this has made me so happy. There is nothing I love more than arepas. There's a place around here that makes this version stuffed with black beans, plantains, avocado and queso...SO good. I'm totally going to try to make them now! You've inspired me!

  6. oh my gosh these look so super amazing. I still have to make arepas but I will soon. Then I'm going to make egg and cheese sandwiches with them! You've made me so hungry with this post.

  7. WOW! I love a new discovery and I have never heard to these. Looks amazingly good! Thank you again showing me a brand new recipe.

  8. These make me so hungry. I am not sure that we can get corn flour. We get a corn meal which is coarser than a normal flour but it takes a while to cook so don't think it would work in this recipe. I must look harder in the supermarket perhaps. Diane

  9. I have yet to have an arepa...It is on my list of things to try.

  10. Gloria _ thanks, wish you could join me Gloria!

    Belinda @zomppa - I think as long as it tastes good!

    Sanjeeta kk - a good breakfast indeed!

  11. Thanks Kristy, I hope you get a chance to slow down and enjoy some of your weekends. We could come up with some fantastic things to fill an arepa!

    Joanne - you're so lucky you can get an arepa close by you! Like we can get empanadas and a Cuban sandwich. I think plantains and avocado would be great! I have some plantains sitting on my counter right now!

  12. Betty Ray - I'm sure yours will turn out great!

    Rita - That's what's so fun about blogging, you still get to find new-to-you foods!

    Diane - the corn meal is pre-cooked and super fine. You might be able to get some masarepa on line.

    Bo - It I know you, you'll get around to it and try it for sure. Can't wait to see yours.

  13. I have always wanted to make arepas and some day, I will; maybe just plain or with eggs. Just love the taste of the masa.

  14. These have me drooling on the keyboard!!

  15. love this recipe your a star at cooking from other countries inspiring :-)


  16. You can come make them for me! I would love to sit down to a plate of these.

  17. WOW, this looks awesome! We'd love for you to come link it up to our EGG DISH linky party!

  18. TKW - I know you love these, but you can buy them already made near you right?

    Rebecca - Thanks, I love trying foods from other countries...if I can't try it in person, I'll make it myself! :D

    Megan - great! when will you get here?

    Tina - Thank you, I will!

  19. Like, like, like....the arepa con huevo.

  20. although i've not heard of arepas, they look good to a dough kind of pancake! and with cheese..sounds terrific!


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