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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fruit with Honeyed Yogurt

This weeks Martha Mondays recipe is Melon with Honeyed Yogurt was chosen by Ana from Sweet Almond Tree. With the farmers markets full of fresh ripe fruits and summer heat in full swing this was a great choice. It was nice making something that we would be sure to eat and enjoy...and being so easy to make sure didn't hurt. Ana posted her post yesterday and to find out she picked it because it was one of her father's favorite night-time snack, and it reminded him of his childhood in Greece. Sadly he recently passed, and she made it a fruit platter the way her father liked it so I decided to do the of his favorite things...

I had a lot of fruit already being the season and mint is hanging in there, so fresh picked it is...and I have a few of my mangoes from my tree I was able to get to ripen.

Here is how you can enjoy this simple and delicious snack...

Arrange some of your favorite fruits (or what is in season) on a platter.

2 cups Greek yogurt (2% is good)
1/4 cup mint leaves
2 or 3 tablespoons honey

Place yogurt in a serving bowl, top with mint, and drizzle with honey. Serve melon and fruit with the yogurt.

Even though this is a simple way of enjoying fresh fruit or melon. I was surprised on how good it was...the mint really popped and was so fresh tasting and the slight tang of the yogurt, yum! I used some local, raw, organic honey which was well worth it. When you have few ingredients, it is a good idea to make sure you have the best quality ingredients.

Now for the mangoes....

Each morning when I water the bananas...this is our rainy season and we still haven't gotten much will rain all around us, but not in our neighborhood. I think we have a blue hole over us (my husband said black hole, but I said then that would mean we had rain). We really need the rain our lawn is crunchy...

...anyway each morning I check to see what is left on the ground from the squirrels. Sometimes if I am out on the lanai and I hear a mango fall I'll run out and get it. My mango tree is ready to pick in July, so to get tree ripe mangoes (which is the best) I want to keep as many on the tree as I can...

At least the squirrels are enjoying them...

...and will usually come back to finish them off.

They look innocent enough but when you turn them over you'll see a bite, except the one in my hand that one's okay and will sit on the counter for a bit. This is a Kent mango and it doesn't show much color when ripe. So I guess we'll just have to go on sharing.

I shared this with.... Just Another Meatless Monday


  1. What a healthy snack...I like the addition of mint to the yoghurt...must give a refreshing flavour - absolutely wonderful photos too!

    See you around

  2. Your weather sounds like ours. Brown, crunchy grass and no rain. Yesterday and today we have temperatures at 36C (97F) which does nothing for the garden at all.
    Love the yoghurt mixture. Wish we had mangoes and bananas but it is too cold here in winter. They bring back great memories of S. Africa though. Diane

  3. I liked this too, although I didn't have any mint. I was surprised at how good it tasted with the melon. Very tasty. Your plate looks so pretty!

  4. That is my kid's favorite snack1 It is so healthy and delicious!

  5. Wow I know I would love that plate of fruits with the yoghurt dip...I enjoy eating fruits very much and mangoes are lovely served plain and cold or with pavlova like I did recently:D

  6. That's a nice and healthy plate of mixed fresh fruits with yogurt. Anyone would love it.

  7. What a fantastic post; I'm still in awe about the fruits trees in your backyard. Perfect summer healthy rcipe. I just discovered and fell in love with Greek Yogurt. Love your real life phots.

  8. Your poor mangoes. Such a shame you can't put a net up or soemething.

    We loved this too. So easy but very tasty.

  9. what a fresh and delicious plate!

  10. A beautiful post Lyndsey, and really beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for your kind words about my father. I hope you get at least a few mangos this season. Up here I can't grow any tomatoes because the squirrels eat all of them.

  11. wow, that looks awesome. I remember the days to when we would pluck mangoes from the tree and eat them :)

  12. Mint and honey - what a lovely combination!

  13. I love this healthy plate of fruits. I have never tried yogurt + honey + mint. It's interesting. I have all the ingredients so I'm going to try this tomorrow's breakfast! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lyndz, seems like you've some bad squirrels in town. Luckily, it's not chipmunk! haha.... Oh what a waste! Maybe you can try to wrap all the fruits with small plastic bags from bugs & maybe the squirrels too! hehe.. We have rain here but still very warm during the night. I wonder if anyone realized that the planet is sick....very very sick! Btw, I love the orange colour honeydew that you served on the plate. Looks really sweet. It's my favourite!
    Hope you're enjoying your day, dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  15. I'd love to hve a mango tree in my garden... That salad looks so refreshing, tasty and healthy. Marvelous!



  16. bakingdevils - I was surprised on how good they went together.

    Diane - The thing is usually we get rain every afternoon and everything is so green!

    Marthaandme - Thanks, it was tasty!

    Erica - I know, how can we resist a fresh plate of fruit, my daughter's favorite too.

    Jeannie - your pavlova looked so good!

    Anncoo - We did! :D

    Rita - thanks for such a nice comment. It is fun with the fruit trees...and frustrating! :D

    Pru - you gotta love easy ans tasty!

  17. Simply Life - thank you.

    Ana - thanks, and I am so sorry for your loss. I did think of you and your dad when we were sitting by the pool eating our fruit and yogurt. I didn't know squirrels at tomatoes, I knew rabbits did.

    Priya - I do hope some are left in July when the mangoes should be ripe on the tree.

    Belinda - I keeping this combo and using it again!

    Nami - I am sure you'll like it, we had it for breakfast too!

    Kristy - yeah, chipmunks would gather all the mangoes and take them away for later. Good thing we don't have them in Florida, but they are cute. The melon was flavorful, I hate when you get one w/o any flavor.

  18. Lyndsey this look yummy and fresh! and your mangoes are amazing, what nice have mangoes in your backyard. I never seen before mangoes in trees (I seen only in stores) and love your pictures!! gloria

  19. I remember you had porblems with squirrels and I had problems with mouses in my almond trees!! hope you can enjoy your mangoes, gloria

  20. The dip for the fresh fruit sounds very delicious! I'm so jealous of your mango trees - hopefully you guys will the much needed rain soon!

  21. This looks fabulous. Delicious and healthy! Can't ask for more than that!!

  22. Colourful and healthy. Would be perfect for my breakfast. It's so wonderful that you have your own fruits and herbs. How envious! :) Makes me want to move to the country side in a hotter country.

  23. Lyndsey, how nice you have bananas and mangoes in your garden. They are both my favorite fruits. I have a papaya tree in my garden but I don't eat papaya. My mum do the gardening so she is the boss. hehe.. This salad looks refreshing and so simple to make. Perfect for the crazy hot weather here. Love the mix of colors in that salad.

  24. Lyndswy-Just realized you're a Floridian as well, except you are on the West coast. When I saw the yummy fruits, with the delicious yogurt with the honey and mint, it put a smile on my face, because I have all these ingredients on hand and did not think of making it until now:D
    Also, the mango situation is the same exact here, with the mangos, and the drought...just picked up 3 mangos from the ground this morning, and wouldn't you know, another 3, really pretty and ripe ones had huge bite marks on them which now I realize were from squirrels...darn it!...but they have to eat too...LOL
    Have a Happy 4th of July!!!

  25. Nice and healthy plate of mixed fresh fruits with yogurt. Yummy!


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