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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake ~ Martha Mondays

This week was Pru's turn to pick what we all made for Martha Mondays , Pru writes Perfecting Pru and she chose Strawberry Shortcakes. Florida strawberries peak in March, and are about over by the end of April...mmm love the fresh local strawberries, but I was able to pick up some California strawberries, that worked for this recipe.

I am very picky about my shortcake, I don't like it too sweet, or too spongy, but these are just right. They smelled so good while baking with all that butter. For a Martha Stewart recipe it was pretty simple and you only used the food processor and the bowl to hold the strawberries...uh that's unusual for her, but nice.

The only problem I had was I didn't have any whipped cream...and I didn't want to run back to the store to get I had to use sweetened condescend milk (which I usually have in the pantry). Oops I put too much on top you can't see the shortcake.

There I'll put one next to it so you can see it...

Well I must say...this was good, the shortcake reminds me of the ones my dad makes, so they are good to me. The sweetened condensed milk was the light version so it was just right and very tasty. Good choice Pru! My turn to pick next weeks, we a making granita!! Come along and join us, just let Brette know and we'll see you next week!


  1. I was wondering what was the sauce on the top! Great idea to add condensed milk...looks yummy!

  2. Lyndz, I thought you going to post an Opera cake! hehe... Just kidding! I love shortcake but I'm going to skip the condensed milk & replace it with dulce de leche sauce. Looking forward for a nice treat from you! *sigh*
    Happy Holiday, dear.

  3. Strawberry shortcake - yum!
    I am the opposite of you - I always have heavy cream on hand and never condensed milk. Interesting substitute, sounds yummy.

  4. I'm pleased that you liked them. I understand that sometimes they are more like a biscuit but this was definitely scone-like.

    Enjoy the hot and sunny weather I will be hoping a little (only a little!) of our rain passes to you as requested!

  5. Love the look of that cake; smart girl to substitute with what you have on hand.

  6. OMG Lyndsey this look absolutely amazing! Im really hun gry, love the colours! gloria

  7. Yummo !!! Love it, delicious and gorgeous :)

  8. This is lovely, especially the sauce, slurp!

  9. Yum..that is very creative to use condensed milk! Wish I can try some :)

  10. The sweetened condensed milk seems to add such a unique flavor. Lovely!

  11. I loveeee strawberries and sweet condensed milk!!!That looks delicious!

  12. I bet the sweetened condensed milk added a wonderful flavour. Funny, I've been thinking of strawberry shortcake. I haven't had any in years, time to make some! Yours look scrumptious!

  13. One of my favorite desserts. Great job!

  14. Strawberry shortcake with condensed milk sounds like a great idea!

  15. What could be more lovely than a strawberry shortcake. I must try making one too :D, these look fab.
    *kisses* HH

  16. Jeannie - it did taste good with the condensed milk, I would do that again.

    Kristy - Ha! Yes I was all set to post it and I saw that you already had ;0 Dulce de leche sauce would be great I wish I had that!

    Indie.Tea - that's tasted good with it I was going to make rose whipped cream.

    Pru - I liked the texture it didn't soak up all the juice and get mushy.

    Rita - we do live and learn don't we.

    Gloria - thanks I learned form you :D

    Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal - thank you and thanks for visiting.

    Cheah - yes that sauce is what made it yum!

    Ann - I will have to find something else to make to use up the condensed milk.:)

    Belinda - it didn't photograph as pretty, but it was good!

    Erica - I'm knew everyone would appreciate the condensed milk flavor...too bad I didn't have Kristy's dulce de leche sauce!

    Brenda - you have to make some, your strawberries should be in season now right?

    Lazaro - thanks so much, such a nice comment!

    tasteofbeirut - thanks...we do what we have to sometime :D

    HH - I would love to see your strawberry shortcake! Yum!


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