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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spicy Grilled Salmon

Friends of ours (who travel a lot) have two border collies. Originally from South Africa, (our friends not the dogs), that is often one of their destinations. When they are gone we watch their dogs and they become part of the family for much so our friends call them our "step-doggies". They fall right into the routine and it's more like they are on vacation as well as their owners.

...but it does make our house small with three herding dogs around instead of one, they always seem to be under foot, and they like a lot of attention...

... our old dog sometimes just tolerates them, but I think he really enjoys having them around (even though he'd never admit it). Jeanne has a new job that she travels to Germany (used to be Holland) often, so when she gets a chance she likes to get away with her husband. We don't mind watching their dogs because when we need it Tucker gets to stay with them (I know he gets treated like family there as well).

On their last trip to South Africa Jeanne brought back some local seasoning for me that they enjoy in So Africa. Knowing how much I like spices and local cooking....this was the perfect gift for me! She also brought me a Braai cookbook, again, perfect for me since I am the one who does the grilling at our house, I love it. Braai is South Africa's grilling on the barbecue grill.

Grilling salmon is an easy way to cook it, since it has a high fat content it holds up well on the grill. Salmon is also high in omega-3 fatty acids so it is a healthy choice. I usually have it all set to go on a platter with the skin down and pour the marinade over the top and let it marinate while the coals are getting started, don't let it marinate longer than 15 minutes. This time I just used these new spices and thought the salmon could handle these strong flavors if grilled.

Rub a little olive oil over the fish and add the spicy seasoning. You could use any spicy seasoning you like. If you have the Japanese seven spice this would be good here, or old bay seasoning, or a creole seasoning, jerk spices, Cajun, southwestern or red chilies you get the idea. I didn't salt it because the braai and Portuguese blends had salt already in there.

Since I slightly oiled the fish I didn't oil the grill. You can do what works best for you. On a nice med-hot grill put the flesh side down first, the skin will help to hold the fish together. Don't try to move it right away or it will stick, grill for 4-5 minutes on the first side then turn and grill 5-6 minutes on the other side depending on how large your fish is, but try not to overcook it. If it feels squishy it should go a little longer, if it feels slightly firm with a little give it should be done. Like everything it will continue to cook once you take it off the grill.

Oops...I seemed to flip it onto my corn, what good did that huge fish-shaped fish turner do me? !! good, nice and flaky. It didn't need any sauce, but feel free to drizzle a sauce if you like. A nice citrus creme fresh would be nice to cool the spices if you can't take the heat!

There is not much of a new recipe here, but I know most of the country likes to get their grill out in the summer months. Here in Florida we like to grill year round, so I get lots of practice. It is nice to get the heat out of the kitchen and out on the grill!

We will get our step-doggies again for two weeks in August, I wonder what they will bring us back from the keys?


  1. That salmon looks so good; that is waht we had last night. Don't you love getting new sspices? That spatula is wow; love it.

  2. Love salmon and this look amazing! gloria

  3. Lovely step doggies you have there:) Your dog does seemed to be looking abit on the grouchy side lol! I really like the way you grill your salmon and those sauces look delicious! We do not do BBQ much here because it's always so hot here!

  4. I loved reading your post about your step doggies and how you are also dog watching. I do this at least twice or three time a year fo my two sooner did I get watching the two little one for daughter for over one month, now I'm watching son's black lab...and also house watch too. Great photos, love the grilled salmon, just simple with a nice salad!

  5. We haven't had BBQ salmon for a long time. Every weekend we have some kind of kids' event and we are not home. I need some relaxing weekend at home so we can grill some meat and this salmon!

  6. What a thoughtful gift. And sounds delicious too.

  7. I can imagine 3 dogs that need attention can be time consuming!!
    Love this recipe as I am a big salmon fan. Diane

  8. I have a border collie mix and she is such a wonderful dog! Those pictures are adorable.

  9. Doggies love attention. My Ruby wants my attention all the time. When I am talking to my Quay Lo, she will jump on my lap as if telling me, hey, include me! hehe.. Your grilled salmon looks so flaky and perfect and makes me want to have grilled salmon tomorrow. If I have not had my dinner already, I will go grill salmon for dinner now.

  10. They are so adorable! Great for summer nights!

  11. Rita - I glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about new spices!

    Gloria - so nice of you thanks!

    None - thanks for stopping by. Ha! You're right, you should see the looks he gives us when the youngsters are in his face!

    Elisabeth - I had to laugh when I read that you were dog sitting too. The first time they had just one dog and we had him for a month. Now they have two and we have them for two weeks at a time. They love it and so do we.

    Nami - I know how it is...we have to really plan to grill out, then with the afternoon/evening showers we get in the summer from the heat building up, you never know when it's gonna happen!

    Indie Tea - Yes it was, I love getting local cookbooks and spices, and cookware ans such. You are getting a nice gift from your friend too, a tiffin. Aren't we lucky?

    Diane - yes, it's fun though. You do find out how normal your dog is when you see the weird things some dogs do. :D

    Katie - thanks, they are a fun breed, and so similar to our Aussie!

    Quay Po Cook - Yes, our dogs do have a way of talking to us to let us know just what they want! You're so funny...getting salmon for dinner!

    Belinda - Thanks!

  12. Ohmigoodness! Those puppies are adorable :) Great looking salmon too! Love the spicy!

  13. Aww the doggies are super cute!

    And so are those spice blends. I need to make more friends who travel!

  14. I make grilled salmon a lot, I absolutely love it. You're right, it's so good, it really doesn't need any kind of sauce and I'm a sauce person! The dogs are gorgeous! Your baby looks so sweet. I bet he likes having his friends stay over. :o) Have a great weekend Lyndsey!

  15. Parsley Sage - Thanks, they are a lot of fun too!

    Treat and Trick - thank you

    Rebecca - Thanks, I am going to try one of the recipes from the book sometime. Lots of good spices.

    Joanne - Ha! Yes it does help. When I was a Travel Agent I would collect cookbooks from each country I would visit.

    Brenda - thanks, so many times I want to make a sauce, but then really don't want to mess with the flavor of the salmon.

  16. The salmon looks perfectly cooked even on the BBQ. And is that a fish turner you have? ;p Cute.

  17. Those cutie patootie dogs!!! I bet they totally enjoy spending time w/each other!

    And those S.A. sauces! Wonder if I could buy online?

  18. Adorable post, Lyndsey! I love the soulful pups, savory fish and beautiful landscape images!

  19. 3 doggies!! wow...that definitely requires a lot attention and works!~
    I love salmons and those grilled one looks marvelous.

  20. i have 1 dog and 2 puppies, all different breeds. The puppies would just love to roll over the older dog and play with its tail, the older dog seems to get annoyed sometimes but i think three of them still enjoy playing wt each other. Your grill salmon looks delicious, even without any dressing, it is already so good!

  21. Jaden - thanks for stopping by, of course it had to be a post where my food wasn't a star. :D but who can resist those doggy faces? I'm sure you can get the spices on line, you can check at www.africanhut.

    Jenn - so nice to see you again! Thanks you always bring a ray of sunshine!

    Angie - ha! yes, it does make for a crowded house.

    lena - wow!, one dog and two puppies! I would love to see a picture of them. You must be busy all the time! :)


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