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Monday, August 8, 2011

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers

Another meatless meal, not that we are trying to cut down on eating meat, we just enjoy many vegetarian meals. I try to incorporate many grains and veggies in our meals....even if I have to sneak it in there. We didn't eat these as burgers, but you could. Actually I couldn't find my can of organic black beans so I used pinto beans instead. I asked my daughter if she wanted me to make it with garbanzo beans or pinto beans an she chose garbanzo so I used pinto...haha just kidding. She wanted the pinto beans, but I think they were a little too soft for this recipe. They were good and full of flavor, they just might not work on a bun like the black bean patties would. I used Japanese sweet potato which is white flesh and slightly dry, but plenty sweet in my opinion.

Black Bean Patties

1/2 onion (I used shallots) chopped
3 cloves garlic chopped
3 shiitake fresh mushrooms chopped (or baby bella)
1 handful fresh basil or cilantro
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon savory
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon sriracha, or any hot sauce to your liking
1 can of black beans (I used pinto)
1/2 sweet potato diced and cooked (boiled)
3 tablespoons ricotta cheese (optional...I had some I wanted to use)
1/2 green chili (I used serrono chili)
1/2 cup panko bead crumbs (or cooked quinoa and oats)
1 egg slightly beaten
salt and pepper to taste

First saute onions mushrooms and garlic, in some olive oil. I used a food processor to make these, but I think it would work just as well...maybe even better if you just mash the potatoes and beans instead of pulsing in the processor.

I pulsed the onion, mushroom, garlic mix with the basil or cilantro, then added the beans...pulse a few times, then the potatoes and ricotta, pulse some more. Try not to over can even leave some beans out if you'd like some left whole.

In a bowl whisk the egg, then mix in the remaining ingredients. Mix it all together and form into patties. If it seems too moist add some more crumbs until it holds together nicely.

Cook 6-7 minutes per side or you could bake them at 375 degree F oven for about 25 minutes until golden or browned the way you like it.
What I like about these is you can add so many different ingredients to adjust them for your family. Like you could add corn, bulgar or other grains, more hot spice or less, flax, sesame or other seeds...a little dijon or curry paste?
I like them a little moist, but then I don't eat them on a bun either...

..but they were good with some chipotle powder mixed with Greek yogurt. My daughter (the sour cream eater) said I really liked this sauce on these! My husband got home late and when I told him what I had made for dinner...he wasn't so sure about them, but he ate his fair share! Next time I will leave a little more texture in there and not use a food processor.

My husband finally brought the tall ladder tall it's a little scary... I could pick some mangoes, all the ones that were lower are already picked. The problem with this variety of mango is they don't change color when they are ripe, you pretty much have to squeeze to tell. Otherwise they sit in a bowl for a few days. Just when I was ready to make the climb...a storm rolled in with thunder....just where I wanted to be when the lightning came.
Funny these both were from that tree, I have quite a few large mangoes and many smaller ones too. I wonder why?

I have to figure out something to make with the mangoes...I usually just eat them! I'm not big on eating fruit with meat, but any ideas what I can do with all these mangoes?...and yes I've given many away and the squirrels are still eating too!

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  1. wow! these sound AMAZING! it's the best of all worlds combined into one!

  2. These look amazing! and lover your mangoes not matter one is large and other is small, We tangerines here, the first were big and the last so small!! gloria

  3. This sounds like it is a recipe that we will enjoy, we love sweet potatoes and this will be a nice change. I am so jealous of your mango tree!! Diane

  4. I've made black bean plantain burgers before and LOVED them. I think sweet potatoes are going to be my next venture into the black bean burger world. These look great!

  5. Simply Life - thanks so much!

    Gloria - My lemon tree and grapefruit tree will have big and smaller fruit, but usually different years. I had some bigger mangoes than that, those were just ones I picked that day.

    Diane, thanks, I am jealous of all your veggies and your beautiful garden!

    Joanne, aren't they fun to make, so many choices!

  6. These burgers are fantastic. Why not link them to My Meatless Mondays. They are perfect.

  7. Oooo... what a gigantic mango you got there! It must have tasted so so sweet. And the beans burger sounds as awesome.
    Hope you're enjoying your day.

  8. Can give some of your beautiful mangoes here? :D Love them to bits and your burger looks like the real thing! Lovely!

  9. this one's a healthy and yummy burger! What a neat idea!!! Black Beans my kids esp my son can have literally everyday and we LOVE sweet potatoes, but never thought to make them into a burger!

  10. Love those delicious looking andh healthy patties!

  11. Lindsey-absolutely love these delicious veggie burger. Packed with all the goodness of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, black beans, and all the great spices...just perfect!
    Your mango tree is quite tall, so is ours...we don't have any more mangos. The last ones we enjoyed were last week!

  12. Your burgers sound REALLY good and I'd like you to make them for me and then deliver them to my house. Thanks! :D Oh and send a few mangoes my way too........... :o)

  13. Great flavors. This is a meatless burger a carnivore would love.


  14. The sweet potato is such a great addition to this perfect and awesome burger!

  15. Wow so healthy to heart these with beans in them what a great idea! I love beans and haven never done this.. will try soon bookmarked!

  16. Your burgers looks really good, I would love to try bean burgers too!
    Your mangoes are gorgeous! A favourite in our home, would be really nice to be your neighbour! :) And I agree with you, the ladder is so scary, I'm afraid of heights! Even when I use the 5ft ladder in my house, I would be very, very careful! :)

  17. Those veggie burgers look great! I've been wanting a recipe for a while. I'm going to try it with the black beans. Thanks for posting. As far as the mangoes... (we would wait for them to fall when we lived in Florida, got to pick them up right away before the critters get them)... Mango shakes (with condensed milk), mango sauce...I wonder if you can freeze the pulp?

  18. Love the burgers patties! Must be very delicious :)
    Lyndsey, you can use the mango to make mango pudding, mousse with chocolate or even salad:)

  19. Kristy - thanks, that was one that was big. I had a few others too. Then I had some really small mangoes, and some average size. Such a variety.

    Jeannie - Help yourself to some mangoes!

    Now Serving - I think my daughter could eat black beans everyday too. She wants to make black bean dip next, but I thought I'd give bb a rest for a bit!

    Angie - thank you!

    Elisabeth - I am surprised we still have mangoes on the tree too. July is usually when they a ready. This is a Kent mango and it is an upright tall tree...good thing we have a tall ladder.

    Brenda - sure I'll be right there!

    Lazaro - thank you, you are too nice!

    Treat n Trick - I thought the sweet potato was good with the beans(better with black beans) I could taste the sweetness.

    Claudia - you can make them very healthy and the will satisfy you too IMO.

    kitchen flavours - there are so many ways to make them too. Yes this ladder is so tall it really isn't easy to use, I think it's like 16 feet.

    Ivonne - I think black beans are better nice to be able to add the flavors you like. I have been picking up the mangoes as soon as they drop, but the ones I miss are half eaten. I decided to pick some so they won't rot so soon, and many have bites out of them while still hanging on the tree. Yesterday when I was out back I heard one drop so I ran over to get it before the squirrel that picked it came down and grabbed it. :)

  20. Love your burgers and patties and wow, that ladder does look super tall :)

  21. I am not sure which I want more, being able to pick my own mangoes. (I buy them nine at a time and there are only two of us, at home......
    or these veggie burgers which I want to make soon.

    Your recipe is being featured on Monday so come on over and feel free to bring more recipes. We love yours.

  22. I think I would like these...Now I have to have a mango tree...but I think I'm too far north.

    btw...I've used the curry powder twice now...a little in chicken salad and on some roasted potatoes...It tasted great...Planning on making some curried cookies next...I've never used curry powder for anything other than a savory dish. I'll let you know how they turn out.

  23. I just saw the black bean burger this morning at someone's blog and this is my 2nd time seeing it. It's telling me that I should cook this. =) I love mango and I'm so envious that you have a mango tree there... FREE mango!!!


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