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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chirashi Sushi - (Scattered Sushi)

The first week of school is always so busy for us in the clinic, with getting all the meds and paperwork filled, signed and in place...of course all the bug bites and tummy aches taken care of...and much more. I have not been on the computer much...let alone cooking, but I didn't want you to think I didn't care.

Chirashi sushi is a great way to enjoy all the flavors of sushi without the fuss and muss of rolls. (I do enjoy making sushi rolls though) and they are fun to bring to a gathering, but this is a fun way to serve it. Almost like a deconstructed sushi roll...

2 cups cooked sushi rice
1 clove garlic minced
2 green onions (optional)
1 T soy sauce
1 T mirin
1 T sake
1-2 carrots cut in thin strips
8 snow peas
1 egg cooked into an egg sheet and cut in strips
2 T sesame oil
2 shiitake mushrooms
crab, cooked shrimp, nori seaweeds strips or wakame seaweed, avocado, whatever you like
2 T sesame seeds
1 T beni shoga (red ginger) julienned

Soak shiitake mushrooms for an hour, drain and reserve some of the liquid, cut into strips and cook in liquid with soy sauce, mirin, sake, simmer until nicely flavored. Cook carrot strips and snow peas (snow peas look better if cut on the diagonal, I cut them in strips)in water and sake al dente...set aside.

Beat egg with a dash of salt and mirin, cook in a pan with a little sesame oil, swirl pan like you would a crepe, cover and turn off the heat keep covered until cooked and set. Cut into strips.

Serve in a large flat bowl spoon in the sushi rice, keep it light and fluffy, don't push it down. Top with your fixings... is another dish that you can add what you like...I added avocados (with lemon) too, but forgot them for the photos, my husband had the shrimp. I had mine with wasabi and srirachi, my daughter sprinkled hers with furikake. Or make it vegetarian...

Make it colorful! Make it fun! Much of the ingreedients you can find in the grocery store or your Asian market like the pickeld ginger, wakame and furikake.
If you need to know how to make susi rice just email me.