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Friday, November 25, 2011

Blogger friends visit, a weekend in Sarasota

Okay enough playing around, I've got to get back to work. After a week of quick dinners (I had to squeese some food in) like above of yellow rice with cilantro, steamed carrots and kale, and pork cutlet....not much to write about there. It has almost been a whole week since we had our lunch, where we got to meet up with some fabulous fellow blogger friends of mine. I am sure many of you know Rebecca from Chow and Chatter, she is just as nice in person as she is in all of the videos she posts, and she is every bit herself everywhere you'll see her on facebook , twitter and where ever else she might be. Rebecca and her family are awesome, if you haven't been there please check out her blog...I admire all that she does.

We also met Sam from My Carolina Kitchen, we were so lucky that they were in Florida for the season, and they drove up to Sarasota to join us for lunch at Mattison's City Grille downtown...just as the farmer's market was pulling out for the day. Sam and her husband were such a delight, we all had plenty to talk about. If you want to see some fantastic food and stunning photography, be sure to visit Sam's blog, you won't be disappointed.

Rebecca with her finally napping little naps for him on this trip.

Sam and her husband Meakin, never a dull moment...

Daddy helping out so mom can eat...he's got his hands full and he can still eat, now that's talent!

I always have to get and action shot...I don't know how I do it!!! :) sorry!

I was busy working on my shell ornaments and crafts for the season. I wanted to bring them along to share...the glue was drying in the car on the way's a long story...about the wrong glue. I didn't get a photo of those, but you can see one of the shell angels I made on Rececca's blog.

Later, I did work on my sea urchin snowmen, and finally found something that would work for a hat. What do you think? Any other ideas what I could use beside a cheap bead?

They were able to enjoy some beautiful weather, and sunsets. So much fun to have Rebecca walk my beach and enjoy the beauty that is around us and where I live. It was great we ran into them there on the beach. So much more to see and do.

After all the sunsets I post, I wanted to share a sunrise looking out my kitchen window. If any of you are visiting Florida and are near Sarasota, please give me a shout and email me. Would love to meet you!