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Monday, July 16, 2012

Greek Chicken Tenders - Martha Monday

Today's Martha Monday was my turn to choose. This summer my daughter and I are trying more and more restaurants and new things we find at the farmers market. So this week I let my daughter choose what we make for Martha Monday. She came up with two recipes from Martha Stewarts website. One bowl chocolate cupcakes - but we already made the one bowl chocolate cake so here is the other choice she made. Greek Chicken Cutlets. We will still make the cupcakes later.
This was actually a perfect choice for a quick summer meal. Very easy and healthy too!
I used chicken tenders because they were on sale and cutlets were not. I think it was a good substitute because they cook pretty much just as quick as the cutlets do. I seasoned them with some marjoram, garlic, and a poultry seasoning that I like to use...instead of just salt and pepper. I made up a whole batch because it was buy one get one free sale. I saved the rest for lunches to make a wrap and use in a Caesar salad.
Tender and good from the first night it was served and even the next day for lunch.
Good right down to the last bites.

Here is Brette's result she now has a blog Putting it All on the Table.