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Monday, July 16, 2012

Greek Chicken Tenders - Martha Monday

Today's Martha Monday was my turn to choose. This summer my daughter and I are trying more and more restaurants and new things we find at the farmers market. So this week I let my daughter choose what we make for Martha Monday. She came up with two recipes from Martha Stewarts website. One bowl chocolate cupcakes - but we already made the one bowl chocolate cake so here is the other choice she made. Greek Chicken Cutlets. We will still make the cupcakes later.
This was actually a perfect choice for a quick summer meal. Very easy and healthy too!
I used chicken tenders because they were on sale and cutlets were not. I think it was a good substitute because they cook pretty much just as quick as the cutlets do. I seasoned them with some marjoram, garlic, and a poultry seasoning that I like to use...instead of just salt and pepper. I made up a whole batch because it was buy one get one free sale. I saved the rest for lunches to make a wrap and use in a Caesar salad.
Tender and good from the first night it was served and even the next day for lunch.
Good right down to the last bites.

Here is Brette's result she now has a blog Putting it All on the Table.

Just a couple of 4th of July shot at Nokomis Beach at the North Jetties. We didn't take the boat out because of all the traffic...even on a Wednesday!
So after we had some fish tacos for lunch we went out to the beach just to see how busy it was. It wasn't so bad on the beach, like on a weekend day.
Walked down the small pier where all the fisherman fish.
Tried out my zoom lens to get the pelican across the channel
Every afternoon we'll see skies like this when the rain comes in. It always comes from the east and sometimes it never reaches the shore. But we often see the dark clouds come in, sometimes you can see the line of rain and the blue skies.
Plenty of boats on the water though! Have a great week. I will lwt you know where to find the other Martha Mondays participants!


  1. The recipe looks great and I love your holiday photos :-) Diane

  2. I want to join you but since I can't be there, enjoy every moment.

    Your daughter made a great selection.

  3. Oooh the beach looks lovely! I used chicken breasts that I butterflied in half and I left off the olives, but enjoyed it so much!

  4. I love greek flavors at this time of year. So refreshing! Your daughter chose a great dish.

  5. This one's going on the list of "need to make." Looks great!

  6. Dear Lyndsey, How beautiful to cook with your daughter. You are giving her good memories.
    It is so nice that the two of you go out to lunch and share a closeness that will last.
    Beautiful chicken dinner. Healthy and tasty too.
    Thank you for sharing the photo's. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  7. Hi Lyndsey,
    Thanks for the nice summery dish and those photos that chased the cold winter chill for a brief moment :)

  8. My mouth is watering! This is so yummy!

  9. The chicken looks delicious...and the pictures of the beach are awesome..I am glad that you had a great time :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week Lyndsey!

  10. I've made this chicken before and everyone loved it! The beach is a beautiful sight!

  11. Love your 4th of July photos, Lyndsey. Is there anything prettier than colorful umbrellas on a beach? Looks like you had a perfect day.
    The chicken dish looks delicious, so nice and moist. Love that you and your daughter have fun cooking together.

  12. Can't help drooling over those chicken. Enjoying the pictures of the beach as well.

  13. delicious! so nice that you hv you daughter cooking with you. Looks like you were having a good time too at the beach..playing with your camera..hehe

  14. Lindsey, great choice for the chicken tenders! I made some the other day, coated with panko, and baked in the oven.

    I always welcome a Greek salad, and have not combined it with chicken; just the salad by itself. Thanks for the great and yummy recipe, and perfect summer dish!

    Love the beach photos...I hear you about the traffic on the 4th. Boats are always jammed on the Intracoastal, on a holiday, and even the day after. When we go out on the boat, my son-in-law likes to chose a Monday, on his day off from his restaurant, and its always quiet, and lot less traffic~

  15. Great choice! Love all the Greek flavors!Have a nice weekend!

  16. The chicken looks wonderful! Can you believe I haven't made it to the beach once this summer. Ridiculous!!


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