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Monday, October 19, 2009

Martha Mondays - Potstickers

I have been trying really hard to keep up on Martha Mondays, I love to cook and craft. I hate using the excuse of being busy when there are those out there like Megan, Abby, Lorraine, Sassy, and Brette who do several challenges and still have time to bake, make jam etc... they are probably right now designing what they are going to carve on their Jack-o-lantern.
Okay I didn't really do Martha's Potstickers because I posted my pork dumpling on my Aqua Sunday Blog already. You can view it here . I made steamed pork dumplings, which it made a lot. I froze some and ate some the next day. I just put them in a saute pan with a little oil and heat them through then I had potstickers.(of course it was crispy on one side. I make my dipping sauce with Tamari (or shoyu or soy) sauce, toasted sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar. I leave out the sugar. I still have some in the freezer.

I'm just hoping I can come up with a project when it come my turn to choose!