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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fresh Spring Rolls

When I was visiting the Asian market looking for some ingredients to try and make mooncakes a fellow blogger from My Little Space had some wonderful recipes. She's made all different kinds and I am really excited to try some. Anyway, while I was shopping the helpful clerk was so nice. She showed me a few items to try, they make Korean Sushi on Saturdays. It was so good, Maranda even likes it. She also told me how to make spring rolls. So this is my first attempt. I think it takes a little practice to get the feel of the skins, and wrap it where it looks pretty. She showed me this hand tool that slices small strips of veggies. I found it easy to use and it was a breeze to wash!

You can use anything you like in these. I used, cucumber, carrots, daikon radish, leaf lettuce, zucchini, bean sprouts (which I actually forgot to put in these) cilantro rice noodles and imitation crab. The rice noodles I had were either too skinny or too thick, so I did try a little of both. You could go with any size, both were fine. I wanted to use avocado, but the one I had left was too far gone. I used the square spring roll wrappers. You place them in warm water for about 10 seconds until they soften.

Place the skins on a plate or damp towel. The tip should be towards you. If using round ones you place the filling near the same spot on the bottom third/center. Like you were making a burrito.
Start wrapping, not too tight. Push the air out. Since we are not frying them that not so important.

When you are done rolling it place it on a dampened cloth or paper towels and cover with same so they won't dry out as you are rolling the other ones. You can eat them right aways or refrigerate if kept moist. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce. I used what I like with pot stickers. Tamari (or good soy sauce), toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar. Some like it with a little sweetener or sriracha hot chili sauce. I think next time I 'm going to serve it with Thai peanut sauce.


  1. LOVE them!! They are so refreshing in summertime!

  2. Well done, Lyndsey! Looks delicious. I'll pull a chair over....he he!

  3. This looks similar to the Vietnamese wrapping style~so beautiful :)

  4. TWK, it feels like summertime here we were 93 today. It's nice not to use the oven when you can.

    Kristy, sure pull up a chair! You can bring dessert. he he

    Anncoo, thank you, I'm working on making them look better.

  5. These look really good. I tried making them in the summer and they didn't work at all. But I will endeavour to try them again in spring and look back on your tips.


  6. I love these but I have trouble finding the right noodles. And then I dont know how to prepare the noodles. So it's rice noodles that you use? Do you boil them???

  7. Pru, I think next time I might use the round spring roll wrappers, they seem to be a little thicker. I had to use two of the square ones or they'd start to rip.

    Megan, Yes the rice noodles come in different sizes. You just boil them for only 3-4 minuites. Sometimes they call them rice sticks. You can use them in stir fry too.


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