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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tijuans Flats

A Tijuana Flats opened up literally right around the corner from us, less than a mile. Maranda and I went there for lunch. We've been there before when it first opened up so we were used to the format how they have you go through the line and all the choices you get. The other one in Sarasota is near the hospital. Now there is one in our neck of town.

It is very colorful and they like to be different. I asked if I could take pictures and she said yes, we encourage it! You place your order, they give you drinks while in line, you sit down and wait for your name to be called. They have a large area to sit outside.

The Hot Bar has a large variety of hot sauces you can try with all kinds of goofy names. It ranges from sissy sauce to death wish!
We got the taco special 2 tacos, chips & a drink for $4.99. The choice of tacos, pork, beef, chicken, steak, beef& bean, chicken& bean, refried or black bean. Soft flour or hard corn shell. It was way too much food for lunch. On the table it has a thingy that tells the story about how it first got started. You can order on line too. Check it out here .
When we got home our neighbors cat was lounging on our bench out front. He thinks it's his house. Our neighbor even asks how "your" cat is doing. Nice way to have a cat, we never have to feed him.

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