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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Indian Spice Box (Masala Dabba)

I am so excited! I know, people think I'm nuts, getting excited over spices, and how to store them. I received this Indian Spice Box from my sister for Christmas. It is made out of beautiful stainless steel. I store most of my spices in stainless steel containers. Trust me in Florida that is the best way to store them, okay for me it's the best way to store them. I like to use whole organic spices when I can and them myself. The whole spices I'm not using get stored in the freezer in the garage. I'm so thankful for tha refrigerator in the garage. Last Christmas I made my own blend of chai spices and made it into some chai spice tea mix for gifts.
Anyway, I was able to fill my spice box today. It is so nice to have the spices in one place like that. You can also have one for any type of cooking that you do. I might have to get some more :) You can have an Asian spice box, Mexican spice box, American spice box....let you imagination go!!! It was funny Maranda came into the kitchen and asked"what spice is that? The one that I smell?" Oh, it smells so good when the lid comes off. Now I just have to use it!