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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Favorite on Friday

A quick post here to start my Spring Break. My sister and niece were here for a visit and the weather was fine for them. One rainy day we went to Mote Marine, my uncle is a supporter and had some tickets that we could all use. I'll have those photos on my other blog later.

I still had to work today, the staff had to work, but the kids had off. Maranda had half day, since she's at a private school and gets to start after Labor Day. I think all the kids and staff really need this right now, what a crazy week it's been.
Anyway, with family here I haven't been posting much or cooking, so I'll post about some restaurants that we've been too. This one is The Waterfrontoo in Nokomis Florida. Our friend runs it, and Wade does some high performance work on his jet skis. Eric is a pro jet ski racer and they have been to Thailand twice together for the Kings Cup which is an invitational race. Wade has been to the world finals several times with Eric and others in the past, in Lake Havasu Arizona.

On to Eric's restaurant, his parents own The Waterfront Restaurant in Sarasota. Wade and I have gone there for years, they cook steaks over charcoal flames right behind the bar. We would go there before they're were really any good steak place in town.
Here is one of our favorite appetizers, Saganaki Greek flaming cheese. The cheese is melted in a small frying-pan until it is bubbling, and generally served with lemon juice and pepper. It is eaten with bread.

Brandy is poured over it and lit.
The lemon was squeezed over it, it put out the flames.
It was served with a nice garlic bread. We usually sit at the bar to eat, just to chat with everyone and they all know our name. It's a nice casual Friday night supper.

Coconut shrimp for them. Wade and I had sesame seared tuna, and I didn't get a photo of either. I guess I was too busy enjoying family and friends.

Eric and the girls, in front of where he displays his Jet skiing awards and trophies.

I think this is only some of his trophies. If you want to see him in action check here .
It's going to be a good Friday night, I just answered the door and a beautiful package of chocolates from England arrived! Thank you Pru! I will show you all later after I try them and let you know what I think!


  1. Happy Spring Break to you! We are getting ready too, to enjoy a break.

    Looks like you are already enjoying much needed time off.

  2. I hate these professional days, they just drag - but that's ok now that we are officially on break! WHOO-HOO!!

    The restaurant you went to is right around the corner from my house. It's still so funny to see things on another blog that's right here in my hometown! Do you ever go to the drum circle on the weekends? That's something I always do when visitors are in town. We're going to have to meet up one of these days.

    Have an awesome spring break :-)

  3. Velva,
    Thanks, we do need this time off. Enjoy yours too!

    Yes, Whoo-hoo! It feels so good! I have enough time to take a personal day for professional days, but I had too much to log into the computer from last week! EEK!
    I know, I tell ya, it's so cool seeing someone elses blog from the same area! I didn't know you lived so close. We have to meet! We live so close to Siesta, but avoid the beach in season in peak times. We are out there during drum circle, but not participants. We go for sunset often, Sundays and Mondays!

  4. OOOH, fantastic. Looks like you have a marvellous weekend to come! Have an awesome spring break daaaaaaahling, and enjoy your chocolates :D
    *kisses* HH

  5. A wonderful blog here u have.....these pics are so wonderful n happy as are the rest on the blog:-)))
    cheers and have a wonderful time !!!!!

  6. That flaming cheese sounds great! I'm sure you ladies had a fabulous time there. Btw, you finally meeting some one nearby. How nice is that! Have a great weekend.
    Cheers always,

  7. If ever I'm in your area, I'll certainly try The Waterfront. It looks like great fun!

    Have a wonderful spring break. It will be hell driving in most Florida cities for the next couple weeks, but the weather at long last seems to be on our side!

  8. HH- thank you, I will, and i will think of you when I relax and enjoy the good things in life like good food (chocolate) and friends!

    Kristy - The cheese is so good, with a touch of the brandy and the tang of the lemon on the garlic bread! Yum! I think it's exciting to be able to actually meet some other bloggers in person! I think the people at work are sick of me talking about cooking and blogging! I'll let you know if it happens.

    Erica - Thanks, I will. I'll have to try making some of your fantastic recipes!

    Barbara - Yes this time of year (well all "in-season" actually) is always a mess. We usually just avoid certain restaurants or places until the mid-end of April.
    How far from Sarasota are you?

  9. hey enjoy your spring break..

  10. Vanillastrawberryspringfields - Thank you so much! I didn't mean to skip you, sorry. I checked out your blog too. What a fun space you have, I'll have to visit it regualarly!

    Deepa - thanks, I'll do my best!

  11. I'm so pleased that the chocolate arrived safely. And hopefully not too melted. It is still too cold in London to be thinking about anything melting!

    Wispas are one of my favourites, and hopefully the plain and milk chocolate will come in handy for cooking with (although it is fine for eating too)! Can't wait to see what you thought of it. Have a great Spring Break.


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