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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Farmer's Market-Downtown Sarasota

It is a beautiful day here in Sarasota! Crystal clear, blue skies, high today of 77° F, a great day to be outside and enjoying anything! Maranda and I were up early and went downtown to the farmer's market, about 7 mile from where we live. The have it every Saturday rain or shine. This morning was full of shine, but still not too hot yet!

We still have lots of strawberries. The cold didn't get all of them. I think they held up fairly well.

We picked up some locally organic ones that are pretty small. Maranda says "Oh those are perfect to make my smoothie". Perfect for her lunch too.

We like the variety of veggies and sizes. Any size potatoes, perfect for anything you want to do with them.
We headed over to the organic tent, not here....
On the way we pass several areas doing up some good smelling street food. Here they serve ribs, sausages, and other meats grilled to perfection! We just ate breakfast so we kept on going.

Yum! but they were too busy just now!
Everyone likes to bring there dogs to show them off. You wouldn't believe how many different breeds we saw.
They were so cute! I guess they need to socialize too!

I usually get my fennel at the farmer's market. Love it!

They have several booths of goods to sell. Flowers, candles and essential oils. Spices, cheese, and jewelry.
All sorts of tropical plants.

Now I know why it was so crowded. I know it was a nice day and all, but last Saturday was gorgeous too. They had an art festival going on downtown too!
On to the organic booth!

We got some butter lettuce, watermelon radish (for Wade bento lunch) kumquats too. Swiss chard (now I have to figure out what to do with that). Carrots, lemons, sweet potatoes, broccoli, champagne mangoes, strawberries... Good thing I'm off all week, and that we have an extra fridge in our garage!
We had a lot of fun, Maranda even said so!

All the color, and smells, and people! Not that the people smelled, it was the booth selling seafood! After that I took Maranda to the mall to meet her friend, then I went to the Italian shop for some cheese, pasta and sausage. Then to the Asian shop which is just yards away. I am eating my veggie Korean sushi right now while I'm posting, but I have to save some for Maranda, it's her favorite!
This week I'll be working on making a bento that is worthy of posting about. See this one needs help. I did give him some broccoli in another container, that would of looked good if I shoved some in here. This container has an ice pack that fits right over this, then the top cover.

Overall it's been a good start to spring break. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday (Wade's days off). So I'll get to cleaning the house when it rains. I think I'll go out and sit on the lani, and enjoy!
You all have a great Saturday!