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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Farmer's Market-Downtown Sarasota

It is a beautiful day here in Sarasota! Crystal clear, blue skies, high today of 77° F, a great day to be outside and enjoying anything! Maranda and I were up early and went downtown to the farmer's market, about 7 mile from where we live. The have it every Saturday rain or shine. This morning was full of shine, but still not too hot yet!

We still have lots of strawberries. The cold didn't get all of them. I think they held up fairly well.

We picked up some locally organic ones that are pretty small. Maranda says "Oh those are perfect to make my smoothie". Perfect for her lunch too.

We like the variety of veggies and sizes. Any size potatoes, perfect for anything you want to do with them.
We headed over to the organic tent, not here....
On the way we pass several areas doing up some good smelling street food. Here they serve ribs, sausages, and other meats grilled to perfection! We just ate breakfast so we kept on going.

Yum! but they were too busy just now!
Everyone likes to bring there dogs to show them off. You wouldn't believe how many different breeds we saw.
They were so cute! I guess they need to socialize too!

I usually get my fennel at the farmer's market. Love it!

They have several booths of goods to sell. Flowers, candles and essential oils. Spices, cheese, and jewelry.
All sorts of tropical plants.

Now I know why it was so crowded. I know it was a nice day and all, but last Saturday was gorgeous too. They had an art festival going on downtown too!
On to the organic booth!

We got some butter lettuce, watermelon radish (for Wade bento lunch) kumquats too. Swiss chard (now I have to figure out what to do with that). Carrots, lemons, sweet potatoes, broccoli, champagne mangoes, strawberries... Good thing I'm off all week, and that we have an extra fridge in our garage!
We had a lot of fun, Maranda even said so!

All the color, and smells, and people! Not that the people smelled, it was the booth selling seafood! After that I took Maranda to the mall to meet her friend, then I went to the Italian shop for some cheese, pasta and sausage. Then to the Asian shop which is just yards away. I am eating my veggie Korean sushi right now while I'm posting, but I have to save some for Maranda, it's her favorite!
This week I'll be working on making a bento that is worthy of posting about. See this one needs help. I did give him some broccoli in another container, that would of looked good if I shoved some in here. This container has an ice pack that fits right over this, then the top cover.

Overall it's been a good start to spring break. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Monday (Wade's days off). So I'll get to cleaning the house when it rains. I think I'll go out and sit on the lani, and enjoy!
You all have a great Saturday!


  1. What a wonderful farmer's market you have!!! It looks like they sell a little bit of everything! And your warm weather ~ now I'm really jealous!!! It's downright chilly here and I can hardly wait for warm weather and the farmer's markets to open. I can dream about your post until then! Excellent photos!

  2. I love to visit farmer's market. Everything is so fresh, just loved it. Hope to see more of your bentos, I'm thinking to make bento too!

  3. I actually just came back from our local former's market too. I only bought some chicken meat and some prawns. Love going there every weekend. Always fun to scroll around and check out what they have. But no strawberries! Your farmer's market there looks great. They have almost a complete range of foods & veggies. And of coz, the dogs need a break too! hahaha.... Have fun!

  4. So funny - I was headed there today too but my mother insisted on stopping at Walmart on the way and then wanted to go home after. I was a little peeved with it being such a gorgeous day, I wanted to be outside! Good thing you had enough sun and fun for both of us :-)

  5. I love going to the farmers market...looks like you guys have a great one down in Sarasota.

  6. Looks like a great market! Looking forward to your bento posts!

  7. Your farmers market looks like such good fun and with loads of variety - I bet the warm weather helps! You now have me seeing if I can get to the market next Saturday to pick up some things for Easter.

    Have a wonderful week off, and I look forward to seeing the Bento box - what a great idea!.

  8. What a beautiful market! I loved Sarasota and seeing your pictures reminds me very happy moments.

  9. Oh, I love markets.......and these photos have me longing for real summer when I can visit some real farmer's markets. BTW, I've added the chicken recipe.....forgot to initially. Silly me! Take care

  10. Pam,
    Thanks, I'l send some warm thoughts you way.

    I think it was one of your bento that I swa that first got me interested in making them. Now I know a lot more about bentos, we'll see if I can put it to use!

    When I was taking the photos it reminded me of the ones you took at a festival with all the street food! Right now...well Feb and March is our strawberry season...for local strawberries that is.

    That would of been too funny if you were there. We would walk past each other not knowing who we were! :)

    It has quite a reputation. We saw several chefs there from the downtown restaurants.

    Well we'll keep our fingers crossed that I can pull it off! hehe!

    We've had a cool winter, but things are coming around now. Yes, you get out to yours for Easter!

    I'm glad it gives you good memories!

    That's funny...or good. I was wondering what you used to make the chicken! :-)

  11. i envy your weather! looks like a great time.

  12. Looks like a fabulous farmers market. California farmers market dont allow dogs. Can you believe that?!

  13. ils sont trop beaux ces légumes du marché, c'est frais et coloré, j'adore
    magnifiques photos
    bonne journée

  14. Quelle joli reportage photo, j'adore faire un tour au marché !

  15. The Farmer's Market photographs well! All those vibrant healthy foods look delicious!


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