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Monday, April 19, 2010

Blossoms, Pollen and Still Needs Help Bento

Springtime is different here in Florida. We do get some flowers that bloom in the spring and not at other times, but we get flowers all year here. So here are a few that are in bloom in my yard right now. The Hibiscus is a double bloom.
My bougainvillea really took a beating this year with the cold winter we had. It's still bloomed though, can't complain, but some years my neighbor tells me I should take a picture because it was so full.
This cactus bloom is not that impressive. Our San Pedro Cactus is the one that has huge white blooms all summer and only at night!

I think they call these Johnny Jump Up they came up all on their own in my Plumeria's pot.

After it rained all this came out of the Live Oak trees. This is where all our pollen is coming from now. You should see our lanai furniture and my car!
Okay, here my car! The back window, this is after we got caught in a rain on the way to church on Sunday! All that pollen...yuck! Now wonder my allergies are killing me!

We have Star Jasmine blooming outside our bedroom window. Our Confederate Jasmine is not in bloom yet! But the citrus is and it smells wonderful! Both the the Jasmine and the Citrus blossoms smell so good! It so nice when sitting out on the lanai!
I got this shot a little late, the bloom is too far open. I do have another photo of my Passion Flower that is open just right! Stunning flowers!

Even our Elephant Ear Plant is is bloom!

Okay here is where I need help. A quick look at one of hubby's bento lunch. He had quinoa salad in another box, this is one of those Fit and Fresh lunch boxes that have frozen piece that sets on top of this before the lid goes on. I am still learning so much from my fellow bento packers and am having fun doing it. I just won a give away for some bento items....I found out this morning. I am so excited, and will let you know what I get and how I will put them to use. So bear with me, I'm still learning to BENTO!!!!