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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snacking Tofu

I got the idea for this totally from Rachael at La Fuji Mama. She posted about her Tofu Steak. I got a couple of other ideas from her and I will post about them later. She has such a great place there at her blog. She has so many good recipes and ideas and a good way of thinking about food and family. You all should make sure you check it out. Thank you Rachael!

I started out with making the tofu steak.
Take some firm tofu drain and blot off the excess liquid, season with some ground salt and pepper.

Top with some garlic, I add some garlic-ginger paste to mine.
Sprinkle on some rice flour and pan fry in a little oil until a nice golden color. It ends up being nice and crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy in the center. You can top this with anything that you desire, if you like chutney, or salsa, or a relish, the list is endless.
Because I did these in addition to a meal we didn't finish all the tofu. So I ended up cutting the remainder into cubes, I figured I could just toss them into a stir fry or salad.
Wade gets home from work quite late sometimes, and on Friday nights we usually just go out. Maranda and I get a little hungry before he gets home if we've eaten lunch early. Sometimes we like to snack, it helps to snack too, because then you don't eat so much when you go out.
So I pulled out the tofu cubes and quick sauteed them to snack on. When Wade called to see where we wanted to go and what we were doing, it sounded funny to hear her say "I'm snacking on some tofu" something you don't think you'd hear your kid say.
She liked hers with some Ponzu Sauce.

We have had it before, dusted with rice flour and added to some dish I was making but it was good dipping and eating. It would probably taste great cold too, and good for a bento lunch!
We will definitely do this again!