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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Garlic) Swiss Chard (baked)

I picked up some beautiful swiss chad at our farmer's market the other day. I do like greens and love cooked spinach with lemon squeezed over it. Okay now for the other greens, I did try some crispy kale for new years day, because in the south it is good luck to eat, greens, black eyed peas, ham and greens. I don't eat ham so we had bacon instead (I hear that was okay). I think next New Year's we will follow the Dutch tradition of eating a doughnut, because the shape of the ring symbolizes coming full circle completing a year’s cycle. So for the Dutch, it’s doughnuts for New Year’s, not bad, after all I'm Dutch!

Okay back to the greens! So I have never made swiss chard, but have seen it in many recipes and just never bought it before. I was checking around trying to find an good way to prepare it. I found this on Beyond Salmon. Helen said the secret to swiss chard is to treat it like two vegetables, the sturdy stems, and the green leafy part.

After washing the greens really good, you separate the sturdy stems from the green leafy part.
You can pull the stems out if you prefer. I rough chopped the stems and put them in a baking dish drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Bake for about 20 minutes, it says 400 degrees, but I think I did it at 350 because I had some chicken roasting at the same time.

Pile the leaves on top, drizzle, and sprinkle! Back in the oven until the greens wilt. I does cook down.
Stir in the cream, and sprinkle with parmesan. Now this is where I varied a little I added a little garlic salt to it. I mix my own, garlic powder, chervil and salt, I cut back on the salt. Now here is where I really strayed, the shaker top came off and flop! A lot more garlic than I had intended went onto the dish (I might call it garlic swiss chard). I was able to get a little out, but still had a bunch left in. It actually turned out very good.

Original recipe:
1 Lb swiss chard (1 bunch)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp heavy cream (does the cream cancel out the good for you part of the green?)
1/4 cup finely grated parmesan (or maybe the cheese?)
Salt and Pepper (and lots of garlic powder)
I baked it a little longer until it looked the way I liked it. We all liked it, and Maranda had seconds, of course she always has second on the veggies!
It was pretty easy to do, I would do it again. I think next time I'll get the mixed color swiss chard!
What is your tried and true way you fix greens? Anyone want to share?


  1. I can just have the baked chard itself, looks very delicious!

  2. The baked cheesy chard looks fantastic! Would love to have it for tonight.

  3. These swiss chard looks very much like rhubarb! Can't find them here! But I like the way you baked them...looks fantastic with the cheese. I bet my kids would love to eat their greens in this way too. Btw, the H1N1 has atarted attacking again. There were a few cases at the town next to mine. Don't worry! It's about 50km away from here. Hopefully, it won't spread! Have a nice day!
    Regards, Kristy

  4. Swiss Chard is such a wonderful green. Try rainbow chard, great too. I like cooked greens, it really intensifies the flavor. Cheers!

  5. This is a great way to use swiss chard. I have never baked swiss chard and have always used it only in soups. Now, I have a new idea. Thanks.

  6. My goal for at least the past 10 years has been to try new vegetables. I haven't made it to Swiss chard yet, but I'm going to tell you that this recipe has me itching to try it. Great photos, by the way, to help with the entire process. Thank you!

  7. this looks so delicious and very creamy..yum yum

  8. Here we eat chard very often, prepare it with olive oil, garlic and boiled potatoes and have only one kind of it. I like your recipe very much and I shall definitely prepare chard like you suggest the very next time.

  9. never tried swiss chard before...but after looking at your garlicky chard...i have to try it now just for the combo garlic & chard together...thnx for sharing!

  10. I haven't had swiss chard in years. Truthfully I had forgotten how to prepare it until I saw your wonderful visual instructions. Thanks. Now I'll have the courage to give it a try.

  11. I've never tried swiss chard before but I should. I'd like to branch out and try different things. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. 3HT, Maybe next time I'll try it just baked.

    Catherine, thanks!

    Cool Lassi, oops, sorry we didn't save any for you:)

    Kristy, It does look like rhubarb but tastes nothing like it. I love just cooked rhubarb, or in pie. Too bad about the H1N1 coming back around. Right now we are having trouble with allergies being so bad because the pollen is extremely high. We had more kids come through the clinic with the norovirus, than the H1N1 during the flu season.

    Lazara, I'll try the rainbow one next.

    Velva, So it holds up well in soups?

    Mags, I know I keep trying new veggies too. I picked up some new veggies recently. Some boniato sweet potato, and calabaza squash. We like both we tried.

    Κάθαρσις, I'll have to try it your way too. I hope you enjoy this!

    Sam, thank you, I hope you try it. Now that i have I'll be doing it more often. It's good.

    Zia Elle, Thank you, it will go great in your pasta!

    Debbi, you can do it, I've seen some of your great recipes! Enjoy!

  13. I love, love swiss chard and will be trying this! Thanks for the great recipe! That cream has to make it so very delicious!

  14. I'm afraid of greens! I am actually working on a post about my greens phobia right now! I'm glad your chard turned out well!

  15. Beautiful colour! Pity we can't get this vegetable here. Would love to taste it.

  16. Thanks Lindsey, for sharing this recipe. Looks so yummy.

  17. I used swiss chard all the time in recipes but never thought to bake it. Can't wait to try this!

  18. Oh! This Swiss chard must taste to yummie...looks delicious...nice pictures as well :-)

  19. Love the pictures!! My husband loves swiss chard!

  20. I very seldom cook swiss chard...ok I've only cooked it once...It wasn't bad....I will try it this way...I've been looking for some new vegetable side dishes.

  21. What? Baked greens??????? IT looks absolutely lovely. Daughter #1 would love it, as would hubby!

  22. I have to try this recipe, I have seen these leaves in the market and didn't know how to prepare them.

  23. I've never actually had swiss chard. Its such a pretty vegetable. I love what you've done with it. Makes me want to try it.
    Have a wonderful weekend daaaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  24. I've never baked swiss chard, what a super idea, Lyndsey! I love it and the rainbow is fun, isn't it? Really like the cream and parmesan in it...

  25. Pam, you should try it!

    TKW, can't wait to read about your "greens" phobia! I am working on mine:)

    Jeannie, That's too bad you can't find any where you are. What greens do you have?

    Anncoo, thanks...or your welcome:)

    Mina, it sure is an easy way to make it.

    Juliana, Erica, thank you!

    Bo, you can't go too wrong adding garlic, cream and cheese.

    KB, yes, baking was easy way to bring out the flavor! :)

    Laura, I was the same way, I would see them in the market, or see a recipe calling for it and not seeing it in the market at that time.

    HH, it is pretty...and perfect for you!

    Barbara, Yes the rainbow one is fun. I know the parmesan and cream is a small enough amount I think it's okay:) but good...

  26. Your chard really looks delicious. I found your blog by chance but was lured into some of your other posts. I really like the food you feature here. I'll be back often. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  27. I don't think I have ever seen this here. Maybe I have to go to the farmer's market. This swiss chard looks very lovely and healthy. I love this type of leafy vegetable. Your dish looks very delicious. I usually just do stir fries.

  28. Mary, thank you for visiting my blog here, and thanks for the kind words! I took a peak at your blog, what a lovely space you have there! I will be going back there often too!

    MaryMoh, Hope you can find it. I think it's best if it's fresh, local. I also think it works great for stir fires too.

  29. I love baked veggies, but never tried any greens so far. This looks fabulous, Lyndsey :-) Have a great week end !

  30. a few months ago i started this ritual of buying some type of greens (chard, collard or kale) every farmer's market trip and i learnt to cook with them and now i really enjoy all of these. I saute them with some onions and garlic, or make some greens and bean soup or make some daal. This looks so yummy. I didn't know you can use up chard stems, thanks for the tip, now on i wont be throwing them for sure!

  31. Looks like a lovely veggie side dish - I like the addition of parmesan cheese, too ... yum !


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