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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spam Fried Rice

Just a quick post here and hopefully there won't be a ton of typos. I had such a rough day yesterday, the kids at school are out of control. With there being a full moon and all the FCAT testing is over, the weather is beautiful, they just can't control it, and we feel it all in the clinic. (and it's not just tummy aches and bumps and bruises we get in there) Then when I got home
I had to get on the phone for hours to help my daughter get her computer running again, after we added a new printer in her room for it, that should of been use months ago. I didn't even get a chance to really get on the computer and read any blogs. Then I had to run down to Nokomis to Maranda's friends to drop off a school book for her that she forgot at school and wanted to borrow Maranda's. Then....dinner! So I went with fried rice... easy peasy....Fried rice is always good for that and we had rice in the fridge, but probably not as much as we should of put in there.
I had some Chinese broccoli that I have never had before and wanted to try, so I thought I'd add it to this dish. I used Jaden Hair's recipe that she posted on her website Steamy Kitcken. She was also on our local station once too where she did her Spam Fried Rice recipe. She also tweeted about it, so I thought I'd give it a try. I did use spinach that she called for in hers (I always have spinach on hand).

Spam is a great thing to have in our hurricane prepared supplies, so I did have some on hand that I had to use and get more for the up coming hurricane season. Just dice the spam. I should of added the spam before the spinach, because I like a little crisp on my spam, and didn't what the spinach that "done" but the broccoli got done right.

It was good, we all liked it. It was nice and colorful perfect to add to a bento lunch for today, but Wade finished it all, and I didn't get to use any leftovers!

I made just a few changes (well...what did you expect?) I like to add ginger/garlic paste, and a little tamari. I don't remember what else besides the Chinese broccoli, but that is the nice thing about fried add what you have and like. Enjoy you day!


  1. I always fall back on luncheon meat fried rice when I want a quick, simple & 'all-in-one' meal. It's just delicious. I love Spam. It's pretty costly here as it's imported.

  2. That looks insanely good dear! Love the colors. Feast for the eye!

  3. I enjoy this kind of fried rice too especially with spam(luncheon meat). Since my family don't like to take pork, so I use chicken hot dog instead! just reminded me the aroma! that very much. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day!
    Kristy @ with 9 fingers

  4. You had done a good job in this fried rice with spam, looks colorful.I just had fried rice with luncheon meat two days ago.

  5. Oh I miss my spam fried rice, this reminds me of my childhood :)

  6. I have never tried spam fried rice (I always stay away from spam) but it looks so good so I might give it a try without the spam. Thanks Lyndsey.

  7. I haven't had spam in years! I barely even remember it, I'll have to buy a can just to freak out the family. This looks really good! :-)

  8. Love rice recipes! This sounds and looks wonderful!!!

  9. I love to use spam for fried rice too.....very delicious.

  10. these are never-go-out of fashion kind of fried rices..lovely!

  11. I haven't eatten spam since I was a kid...I don't remember liking it, but your fried rice looks good.

  12. My hubby would've loved, loved your dinner!!! He is crazy about spam! I hardly allow spam in the house, one of the few things I just can't eat. But, your recipe sounds great otherwise and I would try it with something else.

  13. ce riz sent bon les saveurs mélangées, j'adore
    bonne soirée

  14. That looks amazing! :D My whole family would eat that up in no time!

  15. petite nyonya,
    Thanks, Spam is probably higher priced here than is should be. You can get a lot fresher meat cheaper.

    Cool Lassi(e, Thank you, that was nice of you to say.

    Kristy @ with 9 fingers,
    You crack me up! I would send you some, but my packages seem to get lost in the mail! :(

    Sometimes you just gotta have it:)

    Good memories I hope!

    You can make it with anything you like. I never cared for Spam until I lived in Hawaii. There you really can't avoid it. I like it pan fried.

    Hey you wouldn't believe all the different ways Spam comes now. Lite, less sodium, oven roasted turkey, hickory smoked, with bacon...the list goes on.

    Erica, Marymoh, Jhonny walker, thanks it works well together.

    I never liked it either as a kid, not until I moved to Hawaii. I never liked hot dogs either, still don't. (I don't know what that has to do with anything, just thought I'd throw that in there)

    Aww Pam, no Spam for hubby? lol! I got the less sodium and you can cut it in tiny peices...hehe!

    thank you

    Thanks, I kind of thought you'd like it. It's a Hawaii thing for sure...yum!

  16. sounds really good! fried rice is always an all time favorite :)

  17. Can't remember the last time I had spam....(though I get spam in my inbox everyday!)..I mean spam fried rice.

  18. I just might try that, tiny! ;)

  19. mmmm! Lyndsey this look really yummy!!! gloria

  20. My husband is actually a big fan of spam. When he lived in Japan a while back, he used to make fried rice with spam all the time. He always tells me how delicious it was. :)

  21. It's funny the different reactions there are to Spam. In some areas Spam is in every cupboard, others they only ate it when they were children. Give it a try again if you happened to run across a tin of Spam!

  22. Lyndsey...I made this today...It was suprisingly good! Spam isn't so bad once you get past the idea that you are eating Spam.


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