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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Flower Bento

Okay, so here it goes, my first "Bento" post. I did make this over the weekend, it it easier to get a nicer photo when it's light out. If I take a picture in the morning after I make their lunches it's still dark out. So playing around a little to see how to photograph bentos. I need a little more practice. But I am learning so much from all my "bento" buddies! Thanks ladies!

This is probably as "cutsie" as Maranda would let me get(for now). I got a set of six flower cookie cutters that range smaller to bigger. The watermelon radish is the smallest. I tried to cut the pickled daikon radish in a small circle for the flower center, but just could find anything to do it with.
Under the radish flowers is some steamed rice with furikake sprinkled on it. To the right of that are fried spam and cucumber flowers, broccoli could of been placed a little better. Strawberries and red grapes with the only small pick I have (for now). Baby carrots with circles (flower buds) of daikon radish (the smallest circle I could do for now).

It is so hard to get much bento anything around here. I got the idea to use this from Target thanks to Debra of hapa bento. I got a blue one for Maranda but it's all blue, then I saw this multi color one and I couldn't resist. Just leave the spoon out and it works well. So there you have it. Thanks for looking!

I just had to share this long overdue bathtime. Talk about the Monday blues! Could he look any more miserable or sad?


  1. Wow..that looks so beautiful, Lyndsey..

  2. wow that bento looks SO yummy!!!

  3. Love, love, love your bento!!! Both of my kids would eat everything in it! Lol, the dog pic is too cute...poor guy. :)

  4. Wow, awesome job! Your before and after bento in a year's time won't have as much er, impact as mine did....starting with such a pretty one :)

  5. You are really making me want to get into doing these little bento boxes! They are so cute and look so delicious! It would be absolutely perfect for me for the way I eat while I'm at work - always just munching on little things like this here and there. I never get to take lunch and sure can't eat a regular meal sitting at the front desk. Of course my teenage boys and hubby would not be impressed - they'd probably want to hurt me if something like this showed up in their lunches, LOL!

    Love the poor, pathetic, tortured pooch shot too :-)

  6. WOW Lindsey! Very nice first bento. Good job ;))

  7. wow, what a pretty bento! everything is so beautiful I will just keep staring and never want to eat it! i love the radish flowers.

  8. I didn't even know what bento meant until a few months ago and I can remember thinking to myself "why would anyone go to all that work for a lunch box"? Then I remembered how I'll take up to an hour decorating one cookie and it all made complete sense to me.

    Nice job.... it looks delicious, and so pretty!

  9. Very pretty! Love the wet pooch too! He looks like he's trying to zone out and find his happy place or something.

  10. Gulmohar and MissTat, thank you so much!

    susanyuen, Thanks, than means so much coming from you! I know...isn't he pathetic?

    sherimiya, thank you, that is nice of you to say, both of you are are my heroes! You guys are the best!

    Martha, Thanks, you eat lunch like I do...the bento box lunch is just how I eat...and my daughter too. We like to snack and eat it's fun to make it look nice. Wades lunch is not a true bento box lunch, but it works for him. That's the fun of it, you can adjust to what fits.

    and if only the dog could maybe not!

    Thanks Anncoo! I want to see another one from you now! hehe!

    PJ, aww...thanks. It is fun to do too, and look at. :D

    Mags, I know what you mean, it's kind of relaxing and lets you be creative. Like scrap-booking, or gardening, or baking. Then you get to have the joy of sharing with others and getting ideas and seeing theirs. Thanks for your comment!

  11. What a fabulous and healthy collection of food!

  12. Hi ya Lynd, your bento looks perfect for mr at this moment! Actually, I just got back from the hospital! I accidentally chopped on my finger when preparing lunch this morning. All together 5 stiches!=( Today is not a good day for me! Though still some house chores need to be done. I guess I'm not in good mood either. However, you have a nice day!
    Regards, Kristy

  13. What a cute dog and a yummy obento! *ggg* The same way my cat looks, when I bath her ^_^

  14. Oh how pretty is your bento! It screams spring!

  15. Your dog picture is so so sweet. This year I've been packing "waste-free-lunches" everyday for our daughter and it's so easy. I've saved so much money not using ziplocks and waaay less trash. Your bento lunch is much prettier than mine though ;o)

  16. Nice bento!
    nice your dog in the bath time ;)

  17. Yay, you've been bit by the bento bug! Such a cute and vibrant bento, love it, especially the watermelon radish flower--it just glows!

  18. How adorable is that? I love it!

  19. Sook and Tigerfish,
    Thank you, that means a lot!

    Oh no, are you okay? You take care of yourself, I am so sorry to hear that you are hurt. Maybe you should plan something safer for lunches :) and my dog feels your pain:)
    Hope things get better and someone helps with your house chores.

    Thank you. Our pets can sure communicate with the looks they give us. =^i^=

    Thanks, you're so kind!

    Thanks, that is the nice thing about bento box lunches, they are eco friendly. I pack my husbands a little different, but using the fresh & fit containers. It's just fun to make them look nice, brings out my creative juices:)

    Zia Elle,
    Aw.. thanks! :D

    Yes don't you know it! Haha! It's fun though and all of you(bento bloggers) have been so nice and helpful. And I love seeing your beautiful bentos. Thank you for your kind comment! :D

  20. Too funny! Itried my hand at Bentos too but I started to late and my daughter wanted nothing to do with them. Maybe someday when I have grandkids! :)
    Poor pup, my dog hates water and baths too.

  21. that looks sooo cute...wonder if my daughter will let me do that for her the collection of recipes here!

  22. great bento i need to try one! and cute doggies like the new header very healthy lol

  23. Megan,
    I started too late too, my daughter is around the same age as yours. She is such a picky eater I've had to pack her lunch anyway. She always has to have fruit and veggies, she doesn't like the typical "junk" a lot of kids like to eat, so I figured why not? She is getting so good at trying new things to eat. It's fun.

    My dog doesn't have it as bad as he leads you to believe! he's spoiled!

  24. Looks like the bento fever is catching up on you ;). It's amazing how many bento lovers out there! One can be really creative with bento lunch boxes.
    p/s Tucker (this is he, right?) looks so stoned & cute!

  25. Beautifula and healthy bento box. I would love that. Your dog looked shocked and confused...haha. He must be asking, 'Why should I take a bath? I'll get dirty again soon!'....haha

  26. I love how you cut out those little flowers, they are so cute.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. i have moments where i really relate to that last picture.

  27. Bento boxes are such fun and you have taken creativity to a new level, Lyndsey! What a blast for children!

    And oh my..that poor face. Not a happy camper.

  28. Beautiful bento Lyndsey! It's a very good job for the first bento post :D. My very first one is not as good as yours. Yeayy!! Happy bentoing, Lyndsey :D


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