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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Flower Bento

Okay, so here it goes, my first "Bento" post. I did make this over the weekend, it it easier to get a nicer photo when it's light out. If I take a picture in the morning after I make their lunches it's still dark out. So playing around a little to see how to photograph bentos. I need a little more practice. But I am learning so much from all my "bento" buddies! Thanks ladies!

This is probably as "cutsie" as Maranda would let me get(for now). I got a set of six flower cookie cutters that range smaller to bigger. The watermelon radish is the smallest. I tried to cut the pickled daikon radish in a small circle for the flower center, but just could find anything to do it with.
Under the radish flowers is some steamed rice with furikake sprinkled on it. To the right of that are fried spam and cucumber flowers, broccoli could of been placed a little better. Strawberries and red grapes with the only small pick I have (for now). Baby carrots with circles (flower buds) of daikon radish (the smallest circle I could do for now).

It is so hard to get much bento anything around here. I got the idea to use this from Target thanks to Debra of hapa bento. I got a blue one for Maranda but it's all blue, then I saw this multi color one and I couldn't resist. Just leave the spoon out and it works well. So there you have it. Thanks for looking!

I just had to share this long overdue bathtime. Talk about the Monday blues! Could he look any more miserable or sad?