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Friday, May 7, 2010

Chicken Katsu Bento

I made some Chicken Katsu last night for dinner and I had enough left over for Maranda and my lunch today. I packed my new "tropical Bento box" it came with a cute cloth tote too. I love it. It's glittery too. This one you can even use in the microwave if you need to. Inside the large section I have rice with furikakae, chicken katsu, kumquat and green beans. The fruit side has pineapple, grapes and a strawberry.
I packed Maranda one too. I figured I was safe with it and she wouldn't mind eating it at school.
This is what came home, but in her defence I did pack her a chicken and cheese half sandwich too.
I made the chicken katsu a little different than usual, because I cut the chicken breasts up before frying them. I thought it would be easier. I don't know if that was the case though.
Panko bread crumbs with flour and grated parmesan cheese.

After dipping in egg beaten with spicy mustard and garlic ginger paste. Then dredge in the panko mix. I pan fried mine in a little grape seed oil. You can store extras in individual servings in ziplock bags and freeze. Pull them out when you need it for a lunch or snack.

When we went for sunset I saw these kids playing in the water. I just missed the shot earlier when they were both facing each other squatting down looking at the shells and treasures they found.

I couldn't resist. My daughter wears the same size shoe I do now!
Enjoy your Friday!