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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spinach, Tomato, Goat Cheese Scramble with a White Corn Arepa

This is a nice for a weekend breakfast or brunch. I know it's another scramble, but it's so easy to do when you have eggs, veggies and cheese. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I am funny about my eggs. I need another texture in there, this time I made some arepas (corn cakes). I had to try to make them after seeing how many ways Erica from My Columbian Recipes uses them. I will do a later post on how I made arepas. I actually cheated on these, I used my pizzelle maker, so these are very nontraditional, but I did use the traditional arepa flour.
In a little bit of butter saute some chopped shallots (I've been finding some really good ones at an Amish market). Then add the fresh spinach, diced tomatoes with a little salt and pepper. Lightly beat the eggs with a touch of cream or milk (I always have to add a little parmesan cheese) You can add your favorite herbs, I like the Parisian Bonne Herbs Blend from Penzey's, or just some chives, dill and chervil. Add the goat cheese crumbles near the end when they are ready to come out of the pan. Sprinkle a little more on top.
Perfect for Mother's Day if you don't have to make it yourself. Serve it with a mimosa! Cheers!

We had three of these woodpeckers dancing around on our Live Oak tree. I could only catch two at a time. They were in our yard and our neighbors yard, then they were bouncing around on the ground, completely oblivious of us. It was quite comical.

They let us get pretty close, but I don't have the best camera and this is all it would zoom in. They were fun to watch!