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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicken Breast with Goat Cheese and Dukkah

I will be showing some of the quick meals that I like to make, I know you all have some quick meals that you like to use. Even though it's hot out sometimes just tossing it in the oven for 30 minutes is well worth it. I had bought some beautiful chicken breasts, free range, hormone, and antibiotic free and I didn't have to trim them at all, which is a real time saver. I also had some dukkah spice and nut mixture in the freezer, and since I re-posted the recipe I thought about using it to top the chicken.

I first browned some chopped shallots in a little butter. Then turned off the heat and added 3 oz of goat cheese. At this point you can add some herbs like rosemary, or tarragon, but since the dukkah is very seasoned I skipped the extra herbs. If you were using just some chopped pistachios or hazelnuts the herbs would do well here.

Rub a little oil on the chicken then salt and pepper. Use a shallow baking dish, then spread the cheese mixture on each chicken breast.

Top with the dukkah spice and nut mixture. Bake in a 400 degree F oven for 25-30 minutes until chicken is cooked and juices run clear.

They turned out beautifully. They were tender and full of flavor. I think with the dukkah you really didn't need the shallots in there either.

We all liked it and the test is if Maranda scraped the topping off or not. I served it with some rice and sauteed green beans and edamame in a little ginger-garlic paste and Korean toasted sesame oil.
Score! She ate all of hers even with the spice mixture and goat cheese. She is trying so many new foods. You have to understand that she never at sauce on anything up until a few years ago. She still won't dip her sushi in soy sauce, or her crab legs in steps! :D
What do you like to crust your chicken breasts with?


  1. Wonderful chicken recipe. Love the dish!

    I always crust with homemade bread crumbs and fresh herbs, my favorites.


  2. The is quite a dressed up chicken breast. Love the cheese and nut mixture on the top. Looking real good Lyndsey.

  3. Looks tempting.. its awesome...nice clicks

  4. Just made a shopping list to buy the ingredients for the Dukkah. This sounds yummy will also try it with the bread as well. Thanks for this one Diane

  5. This looks very delicious n has such terrific flavor dear.

  6. Lazaro -Thanks! Mmmm breadcrumbs and fresh herbs are a great standby!

    Cool - thanks so much! It does have lots of flavor!

    Vidhya - Thank you very much!

    Diane - I think you'll like it! The ingredients are so adjustable too. Let me know!

    Jay - Thanks, it was so good I want to make it again soon!

  7. Lyndsey, this is a great way to prepare chicken! It has to be delicious with all of those good ingredients. I've read so much about edamame but have not been able to find it. Does it taste similar to a lima bean?

  8. Thanks Pam, it's good! I don't think edamame tastes anything like lima beans. I usually serve it in the shells then pop them in your mouth when you squeeze the pods. Just put them in boiling water for about 5 minutes, then drain and salt with the course sea salt. The shelled edamame like I have here, I often use in salads. It's good either way.
    I found them in the freezer section even at Walmart.

  9. I am always looking for a good quick meal. The dukkah spice really intrigued me. What is it? Where can I find some?

  10. Velva - I posted a link to my recipe that I originally posted if you want to see how I made it, but this is what I put in mine.
    1/2 cup hazelnuts
    1/2 cup pistachio nuts
    1/4 cup almonds
    1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
    3 tablespoons coriander seeds
    3 tablespoons sesame seeds
    2 tablespoons cumin seeds
    1 teaspoon white peppercorns
    1 teaspoon dried thyme
    1 teaspoon dried mint leaves
    1 teaspoon coarse sea salt
    You can add red pepper flakes,

    There are several recipes, basically they will have the toasted spices and seeds - sesame, coriander, cumin, peppercorn, thyme, with a toasted nuts, like pistachios, hazelnuts, or almonds, and sometimes roasted chickpeas.

    I store the extra in the freezer!

    Hope you get a chance to try it!

  11. The flavours of your Dukkah seem complex and yet the ingredients are sreaming to get blended together to aromatize so many dishes.

    Lyndsey...You have opened up quite a few ideas.
    I'm sure that chicken breast was amazing ;o)
    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes,

  12. This looks truly excellent Lyndsey, full of flavor and texture, wow! Great cooking ideas and fresh approaches as always :D

  13. very delicious and quick recipe! dukkah spice is new to me but sounds delicious.

  14. This recipe looks delicious! I love the flavor combination you used.

  15. What a lovely (and quick) recipe. Rachael Ray would be proud!

  16. What a wonderful idea combining both chicken & Dukkah together! I bet it taste super delicious with the crunchy & flavourful topping! You're making me hungry. I just taken my lunch! Enjoy and have a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  17. Great dish Lyndsey! The curd will keep the chicken moist and tender, nice!

  18. Thought it was a pie topped with nutty crust :)

  19. Now this is a chicken I would love to try. I cant velieve Lindsey wont dip crab in butter, silly girl! ;)

  20. Claudia - thanks, that's so nice of you to say. The flavors are so good together.

    Bentobird - aww thanks again!

    PJ - thanks, I hope you get a chance to try it

    Linda, thank you!

    Mags - yeah, that was my!

    Kristy - they did go well together, and I always like a little crunch! Thanks!

    3HT - that's why they turned out to moist and tender!

    tigerfish - lol!

    Megan - thanks! Yeah, she's funny, she'll dip a tiny (and I mean tiny) corner of it in the butter...then go mmm. She cracks me up! When she used to try something it was in such a small bite we used to call it a "Maranda bite"

  21. Always awesome to see some new ways to make plain ole chicken. And Maranda not scraping it down is a huge score (I know, I have a picky little lady here myself). When they eat my wheat germ/garlic crusted chicken I just sit back and smile. They have no idea. LOL
    I will be trying this out very soon. Thank you!

  22. Oh my gosh this was absolutely delicious! I made this the other day for my hubby and myself and it was awesome! The goat cheese and the way it complemented the meat was outrageous. For a side dish though, I made the string beans and edamame, but in addition, I warmed up a side of Madras Lentils from Tastybite. The combination of the spices with the cheese was outrageous, and added yet another amazing texture to the dish. I definitely recommend Tastybite for quick side dish ideas or if you're just in a rush. Otherwise thanks for the great recipe and bon appetit!

  23. Holy Cow, YUM! That chicken sounds killer! Man, I should not be browsing on an empty stomach. I like my chicken with a fork ;)

  24. Betty Ray, yes it's always a good thing when the kids don't scrape off the good stuff! It's good to have the spice mix on hand!

    Anonymous - Thanks, I'm so glad it worked out well for you. I know I'll be making it again! You side dish sounds good. I'll have to check out Tastybite!

    girlichef - lol! yeah a fork would be good! :)

  25. I am going to try this...It sounds so delicious!


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