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Monday, June 28, 2010

Guava Sorbet

Since I have a lot of the frozen fruit pulps, we use them often in the Magic Bullet blender for smoothies and blended ice drinks. It works really well and Maranda can blend up what ever flavor she wants one at a time. I thought I'd pull out the ice cream maker and try using some to make a sorbet.

I guess to get a creamy texture you need to use enough sugar in it, about 1/2 cup for every cup of fruit. Then there is the question of how sweet the fruit is. The other thing you need to add is lemon juice to cut the sweet taste, then you add a touch of vodka or flavor matching of enhancing alcohol to keep it soft enough to scoop out. You can make it with or without a ice cream maker. This is what I did.
-2 cups guava pulp (the bag is 14 oz so I used guava juice to make up for it)
-3/4 cup of sugar
-1 cup of water
-3 tablespoons lemon juice
-2 tablespoons vodka
In a sauce pan make a simple syrup by heating the water and sugar until sugar is dissolved, then let it cool. In a blender or food processor puree fruit pulp and add lemon and vodka. Combine fruit and simple syrup and put in refrigerator to cool. Follow ice cream makers instructions, pour cooled mixture in running machine, then freeze. It should take about 20 minutes or so in the ice cream maker. Enjoy the icy, cold, fruity goodness!
Next time Maranda wants to make some mango sorbet next, or her favorite Mango Italian Ice! I'll have to check into that. I want to make a Tamarind Ginger Sorbet, so we have a lot of experimenting to do.

What is your favorite sorbet, or what flavor blend would you like to try?