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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Martha Mondays (sort of) - Turkey Burgers

Okay I did it again, I checked out the earlier posts on this weeks Martha Mondays. Nobody really liked it, one even threw them away. If you want to see Martha's recipe check here. She has you adding sour cream, mustard and mango chutney...that should be tasty right? So when I read they were lacking flavor and too loose to make into burgers, I thought I would adjust the recipe again to suite our family. know how I feel about wasting food!

I took her concept of adding a jarred condiment, but I used some salsa verde. We all like the green sauce in this household.

-1 lb ground turkey (I used chicken)
-4 T salsa verde (instead of mango chutney)
-2 tsp smoked chipotle chili powder (I just got this spice & wanted to try it)
-1 T spicy brown mustard (instead of dijon)
-1/2 cup panko bread crumbs (instead of torn sliced bread)
-1/4 cup parmesan cheese (I always like to add this when I use bread crumbs)
-1 egg (beaten)
-coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper
-I threw in some chopped cilantro and marjoram (only because I have a pound of it) to add a little green flecks to it.

In a large bowl blend all ingredients making sure it's evenly mixed without overworking it. They are like mini meatloaves, but I cooked them in a skillet. She had you serve it on some whole wheat sandwich bread, but we ate them as patties. I made three regular size patties, then some smaller ones I thought would work good in a bento.

This one was a winner. Maranda started out with just a half so Wade finished her other half, then she went back for two more of the mini burgers. We had these Monday night, we ate when we came back from watching the sunset at the beach!


  1. Now this sounds excellent! I'm glad you doctored them up - they needed help.

  2. I like your version better. I LOVE the chipotle powder! It adds a ton of flavor to a lot of things. I've even put a tweak in chocolate cookies, it's awesome!

  3. I love working with ground turkey (or chicken) but I agree that you have to really add in some bold flavors to make them taste good. I like your additions and substitutions!

  4. Sounds good to me but why no picture of the sunset to go with it:) Diane

  5. The burgers look really fancy. No wonder you kids went for seconds..

  6. Sounds flavorful and I don't mind a second helping ;)

  7. Certainly a much better version! yummy!

  8. I’m always down to try the perfect burger! This recipe does sound petty darn good. :-) Can’t wait to try it for myself.

  9. Good job making a chicken burger taste good. The sprouts on top make a great presentation. What is that side dish you served with it?

  10. haha, Lyndsey I was just thinking about turkey burgers earlier today...and as so often happens in the food bloggiverse, the perfect recipe appears! smoked chipotle powder is awesome, and this recipe bursts with flavor, wow!!

  11. Thanks Brette, I know I didn't do MS recipe...

    Debbi, thanks, someone had mentioned the chipotle powder and finally found some. So it's good in chocolate chip cookies?

    Mags, yes they had a lot of flavor and were still moist.

    Cool Lassi(e), smiles! thanks!

    Anncoo, I might have to make more so we have some for lunches! :D

    Thank you Jeannie!

    Erica, I hope you do get a chance. It's easy!

    Bo, thank you. I made barley with caramelized onions and shitake mushrooms. I'm trying different grains.

  12. bentobird, Lol! Weren't you the one telling me about chipotle powder? Ever since then I had to look for it because we don't have a Penzey's near us, and I couldn't wait for my sister to send some for my birthday! I love it, thanks! Hope you like them!

  13. Lyndsey, good job on doctoring those burgers up. I'm the one that threw them away (guilty as charged, lol). I have chipotle powder in my cupboard, love it! I wish I had thought of adding some. My turn to pick for MM is coming up. Yikes!!!

  14. There are a few strong aromatics blended with the turkey. It must be quite flavorful and moist.

  15. oh wow love what you did to these turkey burgers

  16. That looks good! Great picture. I guess we are on the same page. LOL! I put together mine on Monday evening, but I didn't cook them until Tuesday. Do you find that adding an egg in ground meat makes it moister? I would really like to know what you think. Mine were good, but a bit on the dry side.

  17. Great dish Lydsey! I think this is perfect in a bento too.

  18. The smoked chipotle chili powder sounds like a good addition!

  19. That looks good. Like the way you like to use what you have in the pantry.

  20. Lynd, thank you so much for the birtheday wishes and greetings. I'm so happy though I'm really drop dead tired at this moment! haha... I really need some charging...zzzzz... And all the best to your pandan recipe! Hope you'll like it too! Btw, your turkey burger sounds awesome. We can't easily get turkey meat here. I'll try it if I could find some later on. Thanks for everything. Hope you're having a wonderful summer holiday.
    Cheers, Kristy

  21. I'm so pleased that you changed them. Who would have thought a burger could be such a disaster!

  22. Your version of turkey burgers sounds terrific! Great with addition of chipotle powder!

  23. Diane, thanks, I didn't get a good pic of the sunset because there were too many clouds at the horizon. I did get a good shot of the sand though. ;)

    Brenda, you'll do fine in the pick next time. We don't blame any one's choice. But Martha has this big staff that should of caught this stuff we've been noticing.

    tigerfish, thank you!

    Rebecca, thanks!

    Ana, lol! I was glad when I read yours and you had done the same thing by changing them. Mine were very moist, we didn't have to really add any sauce or dip them in anything. I don't know if it was the egg or the verde sauce. I didn't add a lot of bread crumbs either.

    pigpigs, yes, it was good.

    Cheah, thank you so much!

    Kristy, you're welcome and you deserve the best. I know the recipe called for ground turkey but I actually used ground chicken. Thank you, now get some rest!

    Pru, I know..right? I am so glad I read your review first...heh heh!

    5 star, It's a great discovery, a lot easier than the tinned chipotle in adobo.

  24. Lyndsey I love this recipe look nice and yummy! and your Tucker is like my Mouska I will show you in a next post, your dog is lovely, huggs, gloria


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