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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My 100th Post

It seems kind of unreal to me. I haven't been blogging a full year yet, and it seems like I've been here for so long. This blog sprouted from my everyday, friends and family, places, crafts, travel and photos blog Aqua Sunday. I figured I needed a blog for mostly food and recipes. What I didn't realize was how many great people I would meet along the way. Funny how you can get to know someone halfway around the world via computer and consider them close friends.

I wanted to make this post about them. My friend Robyn who started me on this lives across the country from me, and yet I feel so close. Blogging lets us keep posted on what we each are doing and how our families are. Some day I hope we get to meet in person, I am sure we wouldn't stop talking for quite sometime.

Two other great ladies I want to tell you about are Ann from Anncoo's Hobby and Kristy from My Little Space. Both these women literally live half way around the world from me, if it's 9 AM here it's 9PM where they are. What is special is they are both so talented in the kitchen, not only do they bake like professionals, they can cook too. I am in constant awe of their baking skills. (As you all know I am not very good at baking, but I am still trying). They would both drop everything to help me out in a heartbeat. I don't want to lump them together, but they are both equally talented, creative and kind...and funny too. It's so nice to see blogger's personality shine through. I often get a chuckle out of their comments and blog posts. You should see their photos too!
Now out of the blue for no reason other than that's the kind of person she is Ann sent me this.

She knows I am getting into making bento box lunches. I commented on how cute the picks were in her she sent them to me! Wow, how great was that? I love them, she also included some egg molds (which I am going to post about shortly) and some baran, which are dividers that you use in the bento. All of this stuff I can not pick up in a local store around here. So needless to say I was thrilled. Can't wait to use it.

Most recently I received this in the mail from Kristy!

For no reason, just because that is the kind of person she is. This too is the nicest thing for her to do. I love it, and was so excited to open up the package. She sent me a beautiful silk bag with a drawstring, some yummy candy treats, seasonings, an awesome tooth brush with some more replaceable brushes! I love it all. You are so special to do this. Now the pressure is on to post what I make with these! :D
I would like to thank you both for such great gifts, and for the inspiration that you give me each day. You are both wonderful people, and they are not the only wonderful people that I have met. So many of you share your talent and creations, and reach out to others. It is so encouraging to see, and experience the friendship. Thank you all!
Okay is that too sappy? Just wait until my year anniversary....hehehe!