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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Best Place for Perogies! M and M European Deli - Sarasota, Fl

My daughter and I like to visit these little family operated eating places in and around our neighborhood. For lunch today we visited M & M European Delicatessen on Proctor and Swift road. With over sixty varieties of cold cuts and cheeses, M & Ms also stocks Hungarian Sausage, fresh breads, desserts and imported beers, and foods.
The lady working behind the counter wasn't happy I took a picture with her in it and I didn't give her a warning I was taking it. I told her you couldn't really see her and showed her the photo and she was okay with it.

This gem is nestled in a little strip mall right near The Bangkok restaurant. Named after husband and wife team Marta and Mario Bartoszek, M & M European Delicatessen offers a variety of Hungarian and Polish foods.

Primarily a take-out market, the deli does provide several tables and chairs if you want to stop in for a sandwich or gyro on lunch break. During season they offer lunch specials with soups like borscht or pickle soups and perogies of many flavors. We are sitting at a table near the window when I was taking the photo.

They list the sandwiches on a board or have many salads and hot dishes too. You can get it cold to go to warm up at home.

It's a pretty good size market with many European products offered. They even have frozen food so you can bring those perogies home frozen and pull them out when you need a quick meal. I come here for the perogies, and get them warm and eat them here.

Today I got three kinds, the meat, cheese and potatoes and mushroom and sauerkraut! I love how they do the onions that they serve with it.

Maranda got the potato pancake and a salad. The last time we were here I did try the pickle soup. It was very fresh tasting and different. You better like dill pickles if you get this. I had photos of the soup and potato pancake but it's on my cell phone and I'm not sure how to post the photos from there. Sorry!
There is nothing fancy here, but they have good basic German and Polish food.


  1. Fantastic post Lyndsey...Am drooling over the lovely pics...!

  2. This place looks just amazing, I would live there I think if I lived close by. Those trees make the shop look so different as well. Diane

  3. Lovely clicks Lyndsey! Like the presentation, good read.

  4. LOVE perogies! These sound awesome. Isn't it always the small places that serve the best food? The pickle soup sounds completely intriguing. I've never heard of that but would love to try it! Thanks!

  5. Great pictures and food looks delicious.

    Plan B

  6. You find the best little places! I really need to stop heading south and start heading north to Sarasota more often!

  7. I ran perogies for the first time this year at school my girls loved them.....who knew....those you are having look delicious! Thanks for sharing your day out with us!

  8. The perogies look similar to the pot stickers! Lovely shop, very well stocked.

  9. Lyndz~ what a cool place to hang out with friends, and do the shopping at the same time as well. Probably, I meet you there one day! hahaha.... Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. I love a good dumpling! Is that your daughter in the photo? Those are some gazelle-like gams!

  11. I didn;t know what perogies were, so I did a google search and learned that it is a Polish specilaity food. Thank you for bringing perogies to my knowledge!

  12. cool place you are blessed to have so many cool places to eat wish Winston was better

  13. Thanks Jay! It's nice trying other peoples food!

    Diane, yes, that would be fun meeting there and do some shopping!

    Sanjeeta kk, Thank you!

    Debbi, I love good perogies too. When you come to visit me in Sarasota we'll get the pickle soup!

    Plan B, thank you!

    Martha, come on up!

    Chef Dennis, They make more authentic ones, the cheese and potato are more Americanized.

    Jeannie, Yes, it seems many countries have a version of dumplings.

    Kristy, of course we would meet there, and many other places as well. Hope to see you soon! :D

    TKW, yes, that's my daughter, I told you she was all legs. I don't know where she got them from! Must of skipped a generation somewhere along the way!

    Laura, happy to help! Hope you get to try some sometime!

    Rebecca, you'll just have to visit Sarasota! See you soon!

  14. I took more than one look at the photo with the pots of plants crowding at the chairs and tables :O

  15. What a fun tour, yummy pictures, Lyndsey! One of my favorite things to do is visit little family-run food shops/delis like this!

    When I was little, I had a Polish babysitter who made a wonderful sauce for her pierogies by melting a stick (!)of butter, then sauteeing a few carefully, thinly sliced onion until golden. A grinding of pepper, dollop of sour cream to finish...really good!

  16. Tigerfish - lol!

    Jenn - That's what makes the onions so good! Paula Deen would be proud! and happy!

    Phyrra - they are so good when done right! Yum!


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