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Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogger Beach Bash - Florida-

A few of us local Florida bloggers finally got a chance to get together! For me it was tons of fun to meet these bloggers and seeing the faces behind the blogs. A few of us were able to show up, and hopefully we will be adding more to our future gatherings.

We've been trying to find time to get together for awhile now! Thanks to Martha from Menagerie and Seaside Simplicity we were finally able to finally arrange to meet at the beach. Above we have Vicky from Shellseeker Martha, and Ricepatty from Ricepatty's Repertoire...
Now we know what Martha looks like when she's taking all those awesome photos!

She even brought the bubbly! Cheers! Salute! Skaal! Proost! Santé!

Too bubbly for Vicky!
All four of us!

The weather was great, many people were there for the drum circle so the atmostphere was great! I had to leave first, cuz I had a dinner date with my husband and some friends we were meeting close by! My daughter was out of town for the night! The sunset was gorgeous, but I was at the restaurant...

...So I borrowed this one from Ricepatty's Repertoire... thanks Ricepatty for the photo and the tray of cheese and cracker! Thanks Martha for setting this up and bringing the champagne! It was nice meeting you all. Hopefully more will join us next time!