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Monday, September 20, 2010

Adai-Lentil Crepes

We like to have a big breakfast on the weekends when we have time to sit down out by the pool enjoy it. I also can take the time to try something new. I like to catch a video on how to make something that I haven't don't before...or lots of pictures. That's what I did before I attempted my moong dal dosa. That turned out so well and we all enjoyed it, but I wanted to try some with rice. I was told I had to try some of the other dosas too. I saw this on Show Me the Curry and I like the ingredients and I had most of them so here I go... just a few changes, but I wanted to keep it pretty true...

- 1/4 cup Rice
- 1/4 cup Whole Green Mung (I used split mung beans)
- 1/4 cup Channa Daal (I used urad dal)
- 1/4 cup Toor Daal
- 1 shallot (good size)
- 1 Green Chili - to taste (I used Serrano chili)
- 5 sprigs Cilantro Leaves
- 1 sprig Curry Leaves
- 1 pinch Asafoetida (Hing)
-Salt and pepper to taste
- 1/2" piece Ginger
- 1/2 tsp Fenugreek seeds (optional)

Oil – for pan-frying

Wash and soak the following in in 4 cups of water for 3-4 hours – Rice, Green Mung, Toor Daal & urad Daal. Drain out the water.
Add the rice and daal mixture and all of the remaining ingredients (except for oil) in a blender, I used my food processor and grind using a little fresh water. The consistency should be that of pancake batter.
I had to push the cilantro and curry leaves so you could see the rice and daal.

Just the right consistency...I wasn't really sure about pancake batter since I've only made it once. I figured if I had too I could add more water.

Heat pancake griddle to medium to high heat. I used a non stick pan so I didn't need to use any oil at this point. With a half cup scoop or ladle to pour the batter in the center of the griddle.

Place the bottom of the spoon or ladle flat on the center of batter. In an outward circular motion, spread the batter evenly.

When the outer edges start to dry drizzle oil on adai sparingly and allow to cook for a couple of minutes. Run the tip of your spatula around the outer edge of the Adai allowing it to flip over easily.

Flip the Adai to the other side. It should be golden-brown in color.
Cook for another couple of minutes and serve immediately with a blob of butter or chutney.

I served some with potato masala, we all enjoyed that with the moong daal dosa.

They are the softer crepe, not crispy like the moong dal dosa. This is good for breakfast or lunch, and has so much flavor. It filled me up. Wade and I had ours with a little yogurt and coconut chutney. Maranda of course had hers with sour cream. I will post the potato masala and coconut chutney recipe soon!
This was added to Meatless Mondays over at My Sweet and Savory.


  1. I love this lentil crepes! look really nice Lyndsey, x gloria

  2. Lyndz, at first I thought you're using the mung bean flour or something. Oh then, I get the whole pciture. Definitely, I'll give this a try soon. (after the challenge!) ^_^ Chat later!
    Regards, Kristy

  3. Lindsey, this looks so good! I must try this during the weekend :)

  4. The crepes look so good. Healthy and yumm!

  5. Lyndsey...These are some pretty hearthy and incredibly healthy crepes (pancakes). I may not have most of the ingredients mentioned...however, this has inspired me to do something very similar. Thanks.

    Flavourful wishes,

  6. Yay! Thanks for posting the recipe. This looks good and relatively easy. Although I'll have to hunt down those ingredients! :) Looks like it was yummy too.

  7. I love dosa but am too chicken to make it myself! Can you just come and make it for me?

  8. I happened to cook normal crapes the other day, but yours is a lot healthier and versatile to stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. YUM! That looks *SO* good! *drewl*

  10. Love your crepes. You have done a splendid job dear.We have these crepes with "Avial" -- Boiled vegetables with Yogurt and Coconut sauce. Its a hit.

  11. Thanks Gloria, I am going to check out your recipe too!

    Sonia - yes it's nice they're so healthy.

    Kristy - it could of been mung bean flour, I made some chickpea pancakes with chickpea flour! I didn't have any whole green mung beans so I just used some split mung beans that I had. Good luck on the challenge! Cheers!

    Anncoo - thanks hope you enjoy it!

    Rachana - I like that it's healthy and tastes so good too.

    Claudia - I didn't have all the ingredients that the original recipe called for so I substitute what I did have on hand. I know you can come up with something great!

    Betty Ray - yw, I didn't have channa daal until I found some yesterday at Sweetbay one of our supermarkets so I pick some up. They also had toor daal there. I used split mung beans which I got at opur Asian market. The other lentils or daals I can get at a whole foods market that is literally around the corner. They aren't too hard to find, if you can find paneer you can find daal. :D

    TKW - Sure, no problem when should I show up to make them for you? Ski season? hehe! It's easier than it looks, I still haven't made regular crepes with eggs, that's my fear.

    the lacquer spoon - thanks, these are so filling, but the regular crepes are so perfect for other things. I haven't made them yet!

    gnoegnoe - thanks I saved you some!

    Cool Lassi(e) - Thanks, that means a lot. The Avial sounds good, I'll have to check that out!

  12. These look very tasty! Thanks for showing us how to make the crepes. And thanks also for leaving me such a supportive comment!

  13. That looks so good...I adore dosai masala :)

  14. Wow..this looks really healthy and delicious. I would love to try. I love hiding good stuff in food where kids love without knowing what's inside :D Thanks very much for sharing.

  15. Oh wow, you just did grinding of the fruits and veggies into one then cook it as a pancake? No eggs or flour? I'll bookmark this one and try it the next day.

  16. You made dosai! I am so impressed... I love eating dosai and lucky for me, it is easily available here.

  17. Your crepes look great! They're definitely packed with flavor and healthy also!

  18. This looks so good Lyndsey. Your inspiration has changed so much since I started looking at your blog, and I am really inspired to give this recipe a go.

  19. Wow, this is really a special weekend morning meal. I like it!

  20. This sounds delicious Lyndsey! I really admire all the wonderful cultural foods you experiment with. I have so many of your recipes bookmarked - always so delicious and so different!

  21. This looks so good Lyndsey! I'll have to try this soon.

  22. those lentil crepes sounds wonderful, healthy!!

  23. Reeni - thank you too! I enjoy your blog very much!

    3HT - they are becoming a favorite!

    MaryMoh - I think the more kids are exposed to healthy foods the more you can hide in there and the more they will out right "like" it!

    Hearts content - yes grind with a little water to get the consistency you want. I like not having to use any eggs or flour.

    Jeannie - yes you are lucky, I wish it was readily available here.

    Pam - thanks, I like that combo- healthy and flavor packed.

    Susan - thanks, they worked well in my bento too!

    Pru - What a nice comment. I enjoy trying things that are new to me, especially different regional cuisines, even different regions of the US. Hope you get to try it.

    Emily - thanks so much!

    Velva - thanks, it was very filling too!

    Martha - thanks you are so nice! I really enjoy it too...and always adjust to my liking Lol!

    Catherine - thanks, I hope you get a chance to try it!

    kothiyavunu - it's nice eating healthy and having it taste good too!


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