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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Glimpse of My Life Lately!

We had to work two days this week and then we get the rest of the week off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since we only had to work Monday and Tuesday we had a lot of students and teachers take the extra days and just have the week to travel to out of town to visit their families. My daughter goes to a private school, but they now scheduled the same time off as the public schools. She used to have to go to school on Wednesday and then they would have their school's traditional "feast". I didn't have to work Wednesday so I could always make it, until this year. Well I was too late to get the time off because we had to limit our time because so substitutes were called in. I was able to take my lunch time to see mu daughter and the gathering the school puts on. They go all original Thanksgiving which included shrimp, lobster, goose, duck, turkey, Johnny cakes, dried fruits, Indian pudding etc...

Since I didn't have much time on my lunch break... I took my lobster with me.

Which was so much better anyway, because it was unseasonably hot out, and this was the first year they had horses there, something about eating out next to the horses and it was a lot nicer to wait until I got home...

...and sit out on my lanai, with some hot drawn butter to dip my warmed up in the steamer lobster in, and yes, a glass of wine. Even on the portable paper plate is was the best! The only problem here is...

...the foot warmer under the table waiting for any scraps to drop. (and let me tell you that didn't happen)....

...but I did have to share with this one, who could of eaten all the lobster she wanted at the feast ...ahhh...what's a mother to do?

Back at school last Friday we had a food drive and we did quite well...

...all those boxes of food are ready to be delivered to the food bank. The mascot is all ready to join the students that are running in our annual "Tiger Trot" the school's fund raiser. Each year a project is chosen to where the money will be used. This is a nice way to get all the energy the kids have stored up out! They get a little antsy thinking about the holiday ahead.

Our principal is right out there with them showing her support!

A lot of my little buddies are out there giving their best. It was a nice day, but a little warm later on. They run in groups. Pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade run first. Then 2nd, and 3rd grades, then 4th and 5th grades right before lunch. The nurse took the first group and I got to be out with the 2nd and 3rd graders.

We had to be out there for all those scraped knees, and those who ran too much too fast,
and had to cool off! I think it's funny how kids today don't really know what a "stitch in your side" is, or don't have much experience with sore muscles. We didn't have many scrapes this year, but a lot of over heaters.

After I picked my daughter up from my husbands work on Friday (he picks her up from school and takes her there), we decided to stop out at the beach where they were holding a sand sculpture event that was taking place all weekend.

The sand at Siesta Beach is so white and powder fine it is often voted in the top 10 "best beaches in the country". This year it's #2.
We thought it wouldn't be so crowded at this time. The artists were not finished yet and were gone for the day, but we got a glimpse of some of their works in progress... is just amazing what the can accomplish with the tools and sand they work with...
We didn't go back to see the artists and finished sculptures it was just too busy. There is a large parking lot, but it is such a popular beach to begin with and then to have an event like's just crazy. We could park elsewhere and pay to take a shuttle in, but no, we didn't want to do that.

We did enjoy the rest of the evening walking around, enjoying some amature sand least I can get close to this one.

...again lots of birds and people out tonight.

Now I have the rest of the week to enjoy, and catch up on my blogging (I hope). We are going to my aunt and uncle's house for Thanksgiving and all I have to bring is the pie!
See you all real soon!


  1. Nice write up about kids, beautiful sand sculptures, great

  2. I am in heaven imagining being on that beach or eating that beautiful lobster.

    We are in a cold front where I am and its FREEZING!

    However, I can see you and I have more in common than just our names - most of my work is done in the school district and the high schools as a crisis educator.

    And finally, I LOVE your bento blog too. The little bear you displayed last week blew me away.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Krishnaveni - thanks, I love working with the kids! Those sculpture were unbelievable I just wish I was able to get better photos!

    Lyndsay - I just started liking lobster, yeah I know...slow learner! :D I think that is so funny, not just our names and that we work in the school system...I thought it was so unusual that we both had the same vintage plates. weird is that? :D We'll have to chat more, I'm sure we have more in common. It's fun finding out!

    Ivonne - thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I love hearing all about what you are up to too!! Thanks for visiting, and you have a great Thanksgiving as well!

  5. Siesta Beach, is it very near to your place? Cool, you were there to watch them working on these incredible sculptures to be built. It's school holiday over here too. My kids are now enjoying the final term 6 weeks school holidays. That's mean school will re-opened on the 3rd of Jan 2011. Did anyone tell you that Maranda looks exactly like you!? ^_^ Hope you're going to have a fabulous thanksgiving with your family. Enjoy & have lots of fun! & Happy Holiday to you too.
    ((hugs)) Kristy

  6. Kristy - Thanks for the holiday wishes! Siesta Beach is very close to us. It takes about ten minutes to drive there from our house. As for my daughter looking like me, just like your daughter looks like you! :D People have just recently been telling me that, otherwise it was always her dad that she looks like! We just have until Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday, then two weeks at Christmas and New Years!


  7. That is a great lunch box you have there! Have a great break Lyndsey :)

  8. Fantastic post. I love the sand sculptures and that lobster, Yummmmmmmm. Diane

  9. Lindsey, the lobster meat looks so fresh and tempting.
    The sand sculptures are amazing and all the pictures are very beautiful too.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. I loooooooooove lobstah daaaaaahling. What I wouldnt do to get out of this cold weather and go to the beach with u!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving.
    *kisses* HH

  11. Oh wow, what fun your are having..the close up with the butter - YOU ARE KILLING ME

  12. Such an adorable and yummy post, Lyndsey! The lobster pics are tantalizing, and I love the idea of a Thanksgiving feast modeled on the include these delicacies :D

    Wishing you a great and fun holiday with family...hugs!

  13. ouuu lobsters!! I haven't had them for the longest time :) Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. Ready for black friday??

    Have a fabulous long weekend!
    jen @

  14. Suresh, thanks so much, I hope to!

    Lyndsay, Yeah I still can't get over the same plates!

    Diane, I just started to enjoy lobster, so now it's once a year, haha!

    Ann, thank you, the lobster was fresh and tasty. I wish I could of gotten more sand sculpter pics, they were amazing. I'm sure there are more online. 2010 Siesta Key Sand Sculpture Contest.

  15. HH, I wish you could too! Thank you we did have a great Thanksgiving.

    Jennifurla, a lot going on for sure. The lobster was such a nice break!

    Jenn, thanks, hope you had a great holiday too. With the thanksgiving meal like that, it does make it challenging at times. One year I got to bring mixed nuts (in the shells) I brought a nut cracker too(easy peasy). She even has cloth napkins and regular plates and silverware (no paper or plastic products) even though it's outside in this huge backyard.

    Jen, thank you! My daughter and I like to go out early just for the snow globe at JC Penny's and maybe a thing or two. Her birthday is Sat. Black Friday last year. We just like to do it as our thing! How about you?


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