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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cake and a Tree

Now I want to say straight off that I am not a baker. I do like to cook and enjoy eating good foods, but a baker...let's just say I need a little more practice. I don't bake much for our family because we never finish anything. So if I make a dessert or cookies, we only eat a few and there are always some left that I have to throw out or give away. I hate wasting food so I usually just end up making it to bring to work or to a family dinner.

For my co-workers birthday I made her a cake. Last year she wanted a vegetable platter, so I made a really good dip, sliced up some fresh veggies, etc... well...let's just say it didn't go over to well with all the others in the office. So this year I was bringing a cake no matter what she wanted.

My friend Kristy has a wonderful blog My Little Space , now if you want to see some great baking make sure you check it out! She is so creative with new flavors and beautiful designs you really have to see it for yourself. So I thought I would be ambitious and try one of her recipes Chocolate Matcha Bundt Cake. I had some matcha powder and was all set to make it, but then since it was for my boss and co-workers, I thought I would just go with the chocolate part.

I used some dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate to drizzle over the top of it. Pretty huh? Okay be honest. I haven't use my pastry bag in so long the seems gave out and chocolate went all least it was chocolate and people are pretty forgiving when it comes to chocolate!

Everyone at work was happy and the birthday girl took the rest of it home and her husband liked it too. That's what counts!

Now for our Christmas tree. Last year we didn't put one up because we went up to Michigan to visit family for the holidays. This year we did get one pretty early... but it was too tall because we put it on a box so the dog won't bother it and he can still sleep behind it...after all we did set it up in his "room".

The top touched the ceiling, but we were able to trim it to put the star on top...

Perfect, it still worked with the star...

All lit up...


This is a new ornament for this year. Now isn't this just the cutest fluffy owl you have ever seen?

Just one of my blown glass flamingos..

and fish... if you know me, you've seen my hand crafted shell angles and sea urchin snowmen. I haven't found them in storage yet, but we have a small tree this year. I'll be sure to post them when I do.

More to come...


  1. Fantastic clicks...
    Cake looks so tempting n inviting..:)
    Tasty appetite

  2. Your cake look delicious Lyndsay! I love it and I love your tree deco!! gloria

  3. WOW Lindsey, I love your chocolate cake! Rich and creamy.
    Your Christmas tree looks really tall and the ornaments are very cute too.
    Merry Christmas :)

  4. Great decs and good job on the cake! I don't bake either and that looks amazing!

  5. That cake looks really yummy. I really like the Christmas ornaments as well, very Florida!

  6. I'm actually curious to see how it would taste with the green tea.

  7. You have a huge christmas tree! Love the star sitting on the tree top and that chocolate cake looks absolutely delicious!

  8. I can almost taste that chocolaty cake!

  9. That cakes looks so cool. The white drizzle looks like delicious chocolate yarn or something. Yum!!

    That fuzzy owl is the cutest.

  10. HI HI HI, I'm back! ^_^ Oooo... love your version as well. There's nothing wrong with the cake. I am salivating and so wanna have a few slices of it. I think I want to try one with mocha flavour and with loads of chocolate coating. hahaha.... Gosh, I'm glad I went off for a few days. I'm feeling pretty good and is fully charged. Hope you're having a fabulous holiday too. The tree looks great. It's not cheap to have a tree huh ! Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy

  11. Sanjeeta kk - thanks! I'll be sure to post more! :D

    Jay - thanks, at least it turned out good!

    Gloria - thanks for the comment, I know how good your baked goods turn out! Yum!

    Anncoo - thanks Ann! It's is a tall skinny tree, quite different than what we usually get. We knew we could trim it down!

    Pam - thank you, so you can relate to my baking!

    Ivonne - thanks, I'll post my shell ornaments! :D

    Bo - I know I would like to taste the matcha flavor too, but I wasn't sure how the co-worker would like it. I want to make her green tea pasta!

  12. Jeanne, thanks so much! I know your a wonderful baker too! This year the tree is tall...and thin!

    Rita, it actually did taste good! Surprise!

    Betty Ray - thanks, I know it isn't the prettiest cake, but they liked it! I love my new owl! :D

  13. beautiful decoration and lovely cake, looks yumm

  14. Oh yeah, that's some chocolate love! I'm no cake decorator, either...but I find that people usually don't mind :D I like it!!

  15. wow congrats with the cake Kristy will be so happy and love the tree its huge

    Merry Christmas

    love ya Rebecca oh and u will love the cabbage yep little vessel from india

  16. Beautiful decorations and you're being too modest about the cake. It looks scrumptious. A little messy is good with a chocolate drizzle. Chocolate cakes should always look like you could stick a finger in there when nobody's looking. It's what makes them sinfully good.

  17. yummy looking cake! can't go wrong with chocolate. :)

    super cute owl too.

  18. Kristy _ Hi, I'm so glad your back! The cake was a hit. I couldn't show a photo of it sliced because I had to bring it to work (uncut). :D thanks!

    Krishnaveni - thank you!

    girlichef - thanks, and you're right people are pretty forgiving when it comes to chocolate!

    Vidhya - thanks so much!

    Rebecca - thanks! I will definitely have to try the cabbage and peas! I trust you! :D

    laxsupermom - Ha! Thanks! My pastry bag split open, and it globbed on. So I had to use a zip lock bag and I couldn't get a small hole to make it look nice, but're right it's chocolate!

    Susan - thanks, I was hoping you all wouldn't think I was nuts loving the cute owl! :D

    Simply Life - thanks, I almost didn't post it!

  19. I love the star, especially when lit.........have a blessed holidays and the cake looks great


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