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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

It was my choice for Martha Mondays and I picked making Paper Snowflakes. I wanted something fun and easy that we could all do at this busy time of year. Now I was planning on posting this yesterday - Monday - I made these at work and was all set to take a picture and I didn't have my camera with me. Now let me tell you I had my camera in my pures all weekend and didn't even realize when I needed it, where was it? At home...sheesh!
So here it is a day late. I would like to say that I like making paper snowflakes for the kids, but the truth of the matter is...I have so much fun doing it myself. This is looking out my office window into the health room where the kids can rest when they have a tummy ache. I like to brighten up the space when I can. I usually put my paper Chrismas tree up under the star on the bulletin board, but I didn't get any help from the kids this year. I did get help with the snowflakes though.

Glenda is a regular visitor to the Health Room so she lent a hand... We used coffee filters for this one, it's a little easier showing you how to fold it (that's the trick on making good snowflakes). Fold in half...

Then half again...

Then fold one side to the center...

and then the other side to the center...

Now cut...I drew a pattern on for her but you don't have to do that...

She did this so open it up and see what you get!

She liked it, and there are so many you can make...of course no two are alike!

It is fun for all ages, great for packages, cards or any winter decorations!

Have fun!


  1. Paper snowflakes are just the best. I love making my own decorations. Great project and lovely work!

  2. wow love these and always looking for fun crafts to do with J

  3. I totally forgot about this! thanks for the fond memory

  4. Great way to make decorations, the shop bought ones are so expensive. Diane

  5. Love this hand making own decorations, sound so economic and fun!

  6. Wow, I've never made those. I'll have to try that. What Fun!

  7. You have given me the snowflake bug. I now have nine of them on my office window - I am hooked! I love how you have done them with the kids at school and how they love them too. A great choice.

  8. Thanks for the "how to" daughter and I shall now make some!

  9. What beautiful snowflakes; I remember making these with my boys so many years ago. Love it.

  10. Catherine - yes so do we, it is still fun!

    Rebecca - Oh this is perfect for you an J to do!

    Jennifurla - sure, anytime...and they are still fun to make.

    Diane - homemade ones are much better

    Sonia - yes, and you can't beat these for the economic minded.

    Ivonne - oh you must try're never too old ;D

    Perfecting Pru - thanks Pru, I'm glad you had as much fun as I did. They even have a website that you can virtually make paper snowflakes. You can keep them or just keep on virtually cutting and trying more!

    LdyRoxx - you're welcome! enjoy, it's cheap fun!!

    Rosa - thanks you should try it.

    Rita - My daughter is just 16, but I still like making them, so now I show the kids I work with at school!

  11. Jay - it is a lot of fun and easy to try!

    pigpigscorner - yes it is!

  12. I forgot about paper snowflakes too! I used to make them when I worked in a bank but haven't since I've been working from home. I may just have to make some today! Thanks for the reminder! :)


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