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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Korean Sushi

> I tried my hand at making my own Korean Sushi. It tasted great but I still need to work on the presentation.

I have been trying all sorts of sushi, even made some with short grain brown rice. I am getting a little better at rolling it since I made these.

This is what I used:

pickled daikon
rice sticks (seasoned)
crab sticks
fresh spinach leaves
Thai basil

There are many ways to fill it...what are some of your favorites?

My dear daughter did this to our dog, and took this photo. Do you think he likes it? He is so mistreated around here, :D but his is old...she thought he might be chilly!


  1. Sushi looks fantastic! And what a cute dog! We do crazy stuff like that to our dogs too!

  2. I love sushi, and the presentation looks good to me.
    Old dogs do feel the cold he may just appreciate the blanket :) Diane

  3. Oh, it's 12am right now. I'm starving! haha... I'm planning to make some sushi roll after the CNY trip. You know, after all those meaty meals. The seafood is so expensive during the festive season. Still not sure what to buy. My fridge is all packed with cheesecake that I'm going to bring home with me in a few more days. The weather is quite chilling right now. The rain started 4 days ago and is still on. Got to go now. Chat later. Hope you're having a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy...Zzzzz

  4. Btw, I don't think Tucker will like it....Maranda! :o)

  5. They turned out beautiful!! Pup looks adorable...and warm!

  6. What a sweetheart pup! You did greatr rolling, very adventurous

  7. Oh wow Lynds, that's so cool that you are making sushi. I think these look great and very appetizing.

  8. You are so smart! We love sushi, but never tried makiging it. These look wonderful!

  9. I love Korean sushi. Your sushi looks very colourful, healthy and delicious. Your daughter is so sweet. I think the dog likes it :D

  10. I LOVE sushi! This looks wonderful! It can be so fiddly to make when having to roll it though. I've never made my own sushi - just love eating it haha. I think it's so sweet of your daughter to try and keep your dog warm! :)

  11. I love sushi but I always leave it to others to make. You are so good to do it yourself and it looks really good. Tucker looks sweet in his blanket. My dog at night has a duvet (with cover) and a blanket, but I suppose it really is very cold here.

  12. Hi Lyndsey! Wow, such lovely sushi--burting with interesting colors and textures. Yummy and impressive job :)

    Aw, your sweet pup is adorable!

  13. Un buen plato son los suschi me encantan aquí aprenderé como hacerlos una buena aventura con tu perro es muy lindo.abrazos y cariños.


  15. Looks wonderful Linds! I experimented with salad rolls this weekend to great success but have never tried making sushi. I should put that on my list of things to try this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. The sushi looks awesome! I've never had Korean sushi before but based on the filling...I'm sure I would love it!

    And the dog looks adorable. My dog loves snuggling up under blankets...or clothes...or whatever she can get her paws on, so maybe your dog actually enjoyed it!

  17. Peggy: thanks, he looks so putout by it, but I don't think he really minds.

    Diane: at least we don't get too cold for him here. The cool weather always seem st spunk him up.

    Kristy: wow you're up late! Sounds like you got everything done for CNY. Have fun with your family and friends, and save me a piece of your cheese cake! Sleep well! BTW: Tucker does look bothered by it! He's funny!

    Belinda: thanks, he is special.

    Jennifurla: he is sweet, thanks

    Betty Ray: they are very healthy too. I'll expect to see these on your blog before too long!

    Rita: It's not so bad once you do it.

    MaryMoh: Thanks, yes he does like the attention, which he is never lacking.

  18. You are so brave to attempt making these delicious morsels! I have yet to pluck up enough courage to make some:P Love that photo of your dog :D

  19. Lindsey, I love sushi too! Your sushi looks great and especially healthy.

  20. Sharon: yes it can be fussy making your own. I think the most trouble besides the rice being so getting all the ingredients ready.

    Pru: thanks! Tucker likes it when it gets cool here, he usually perks right up, but you never know at his age he might just need it once in awhile to take the chill off.

    Jenn: thank you! I'm glad you got a chance to stop by.

    Rosita Vargas: thank you for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to try and make your own someday. Thanks my dog is special to us.

    Annon: we like going out for sushi too!

    Lyndsay: don't mention it! I will be looking for yours soon! :D

    Joanne: I'm sure you'd love it, it has more ingredient than Japanese sushi, and usually now raw fish. Lots of veggies! And you know you're right my dog just might like snuggling in a blanket!

  21. Jeannie: Thanks, I know you could do it too! I like to see pics of your dog too!

    Ann: Thank you, I like the fact that it's so healthy, and my daughter loves it too!

  22. oh that sushi looks GREAT!

    To answer your question about the reader's challenge - I'll be posting the meal (from Egypt) on Feb 7 and as many people who would like to join will have the chance to link up their blog with a recipe/picture!

  23. ils sont superbes et joliment présenté
    bonne soirée

  24. Simply Life: Oh good a meal from Egypt sounds exciting! I'll look into it! How fun!

    Fimère: je vous remercie beaucoup, ils ont aussi bon goût que leur apparence!

  25. I need to get ready a sushi-rolling kit! :)

  26. It's great you tried making kimbap! they look so pretty right? not to mention tasty!


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