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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Tailgating Time!

We will be doing a little different tailgating today. When we first picked up our boat it was in good shape, but needed a lot of cleaning up. At least it was sitting up on a davit out of the water for a few years. Now that we are near normal temps again we can finally get it back in the water. We won't have to tailgate in the backyard....
...or is it now called Watergate? Ha! Just kidding. Today after the car show down at Sarasota Square Mall, we will be out on the boat enjoying the nice weather and I will be checking in here later.

Time for the Pro Bowl and Tailgating Time week # 21 - The good food continues, so keep those dips and party treats coming, and a pitcher full of cold ones! Everyone is getting ready with some great ideas for The Super Bowl! Bring over your famous recipes for you favorite foods and party things!

We always appreciate our loyal friends who join us each week, and welcome those of you who are new to us!! Come on and have some fun! it's easy, just add your recipe to the linky, and link back to us!

Can't wait to see what you bring!

I am saving my chili recipe for the Super Bowl!

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