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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chicken wrapped Asparagus and Brie

This is my first day of summer break, my daughter has been out of school a week already, but our school's last day was Monday. The staff had a couple of days after that and now we can relax....or work on all the things that have been put aside during the busy school year. We'll see how much will actually get done. I do know there are a lot of things I want to try to make, and share my results with you. I have my list...I just have to find it, where do you all keep your list?

For summer meals I like to keep the cooking to a minimum, but let's face it, in Florida there are not too many times it's going to be cold enough to want to bake all day. I still use the oven all year, we have A/C. Anyway when I find chicken cutlets at Publix it make for an easy prep, of course I could of just made chicken piard and the whole thing would be done in minutes...

...but I had this big spool of cooking twine that I found at the outlet mall, and I'm talking BIG spool. I have to find things to tie up so I can use it. ..hehe! So the chicken is already sliced thin and I don't have to pound it out, asparagus is in season and it looks great, and I had some brie, and of course you could use another kind of cheese here.

First use sea salt and fresh ground pepper on the laid out chicken fillet, squeeze on a bit of lemon juice, and I sprinkled it with a little of my fine herbes blend (optional) . Lay down a couple of slices of brie, and asparagus. I just used one piece of asparagus because I wasn't sure how it would cook, and I didn't know if my daughter would eat it if I had more. It was small asparagus so I didn't par-boil it first, but I think next time I will add at least three pieces of asparagus.

Roll it all up and tie it with some cooking twine...if you need any twine let me know I'll send you some :D

Brown the chicken bundles on all side in a heated cast iron pan in a little butter or olive oil or a pan that you can finish off in the oven...

Transfer to medium heat (350°F) oven for 20-25 minutes until chicken is done...the cheese will ooze out and get all bubbly and yummy!

I served it with an organic brown rice couscous seasoned and cooked with broth, added asparagus, walnuts...

oops I forgot the balsamic mushrooms...just added it to the couscous.

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