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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grand Rapids Awesomness -

A tiny break from food today, I just had to post this :D I guess working in a school teachers and staff think a lot about pulling together. About a week ago I saw this post on one of my friend Joan's blog Notes From Oklahoma Joan is a teacher who's school year came to an abrupt end due to a tornado that hit the school, lucky everyone was okay...She saw this video on her friend Mr. Z, another school teacher's blog that has a feature "Media of the Week". This is one video that he featured...
He was quoted as saying:
When a Newsweek article was published online, it listed the top 10 dying
cities—and Grand Rapids, Michigan was ranked at the bottom of the barrel. The
local businesses and community members didn’t agree with this pronouncement and
decided to band together to create a video that showed the type of place that
G.R. really is.
Since I grew up in Grand Rapids, and my family still lives there, I wanted to share this video with you. Apparently over 5,000 people from the community got together to create a record breaking, lip sink, wonderful video!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, even if you are not from Grand Rapids.

How wonderful to see a city pull together, even in such hard times, it really makes you want to move there or at least visit. :D I believe it made the list due to the fall of the auto industry and a lot of auto plants closed. All I know is that GR sure has grown in the 21 years since I moved away. I have a hard time finding my way around anymore when I visit, good thing I have someone to show me! What do you think?


  1. Yes, I've heard of those disaster around Michigan and some other places. It was horrible, isn't it? Thanks for sharing such wonderful video of your hometown. It's nice to post something like this once a while. I missed my hometown too. :o( Btw, just came back from my short vacation. Will write soon! Hope you're having a lovely day.
    Love, Kristy

  2. Kristy the state of Michigan is beautiful and as a vacation paradise in the summer it is perfect, it has lots of visitors. The auto industry has hit the state hard, but is making a comeback. Hope you had a nice visit with your family. The staff at school has today (our luncheon)and tomorrow (lots of filing) then I'll be off until Aug. so lots of good food to come!

  3. GR has definitely seen some hard times with the auto industry and hopefully that's all in the past. I love love Michigan. We spent many vacations there in different areas when I was a kid and living on the farm in Ohio. And Bill and I were in Saugatuck for several days last summer. It was so beautiful! The video is very heartwarming and uplifting! Good for them, GR and all of Michigan! You're from a terrific city/state, Lyndsey!!!

  4. Thanks Pam that's so nice of you to say. It is beautiful and the people are so friendly. Saugatuck is a neat city, growing up we would vacation on our boat, and visit there. My parents kept the boat at a marina in Grand Haven, and we would take it up the much fun. Another thing I really miss the fruits and vegetables, and all the good food! Like apples, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes and all the wineries...well you get the idea. :D

  5. Greetings from a Michigan girl! I know - isn't that G.R. video cool!!! Michigan has been so depressed for so long!
    Thank you SO much for your comment!
    Sarasota - here we come! I think it would be fabulous to visit there!
    Thank you for your support!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Never been there before, but seems like a must visit! Love it when a community comes together with such love.

  7. Looks like a very happening city to awesome for the folks there to create that video and I love the song:)

  8. The video is amazing Lyndsey, really we are living harding times, we have porblems with a volcano now! huggs gloria

  9. THat looks like such fun :D
    *kisses* HH

  10. The video makes me want to visit the city! Thanks for sharing it.

  11. Kristen, thanks for stopping by...good to know another Michigan girl. Good luck on your venture, can't wait to see you! :D

    Rebecca, isn't it though and it's such a diverse city!

    Belinda, it is so heart-warming to see! It's worth the visit! :)

    Jeannie, it's so nice to know that they all care so much about where they live! You gotta just sing along with the song! :D

    Gloria, ((HUGS)) back to you too. There are troubles in so many forms, and so good to see people from all walks of life pulling together.

  12. HH, I think I smiled through the whole thing, so fun to watch. The pillow fight is where the ice skating rink is in the winter.

    Angie, thanks for that! It does have a lot to offer, many things going on and great people! :D

    Thanks Jay!

  13. from one GR girl to another...that was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it =) Yes Michigan (the feeling's forever)!

  14. I have a soft spot for Michigan since they're our neighbours to the west. What a great video!


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