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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grand Rapids Awesomness -

A tiny break from food today, I just had to post this :D I guess working in a school teachers and staff think a lot about pulling together. About a week ago I saw this post on one of my friend Joan's blog Notes From Oklahoma Joan is a teacher who's school year came to an abrupt end due to a tornado that hit the school, lucky everyone was okay...She saw this video on her friend Mr. Z, another school teacher's blog that has a feature "Media of the Week". This is one video that he featured...
He was quoted as saying:
When a Newsweek article was published online, it listed the top 10 dying
cities—and Grand Rapids, Michigan was ranked at the bottom of the barrel. The
local businesses and community members didn’t agree with this pronouncement and
decided to band together to create a video that showed the type of place that
G.R. really is.
Since I grew up in Grand Rapids, and my family still lives there, I wanted to share this video with you. Apparently over 5,000 people from the community got together to create a record breaking, lip sink, wonderful video!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, even if you are not from Grand Rapids.

How wonderful to see a city pull together, even in such hard times, it really makes you want to move there or at least visit. :D I believe it made the list due to the fall of the auto industry and a lot of auto plants closed. All I know is that GR sure has grown in the 21 years since I moved away. I have a hard time finding my way around anymore when I visit, good thing I have someone to show me! What do you think?