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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Muah Chee - with Chai Spice

I first saw Muah Chee 麻糍 on Anncoo's Journal and of course as I am with anything new I was curious about it and had to try it. Apparently it is a popular street food found in roadside food stalls in Singapore and Malaysia. A glutinous or sticky rice ball rolled in sugar and crushed peanuts...similar to mochi but with the filling on the outside rather than inside. Then I saw Biren make some and post it on her blog Roti n Rice, apparently she missed having this treat a childhood favorite. I already had some glutinous rice flour in the cupboard (I was going to use it for another recipe) and it didn't take much more ingredients, so I was excited to give it a try for myself. I didn't have peanuts or the fragrant oil, but I could use almonds right? I figured since I have never had the original in the countries known for making it I could use a different nut...would it still be muah chee? :D

Then the next day I saw Jeannie post her muah chee on Baking Diary and she used almonds so I was good to go...but I had to change things up and do a few things different just because that's what I do, but that's why you like me right?Makes you want to see how I would do do things my way of course.heheh...

So I tried the microwave way...

Ingredients for the dough:
li>1 cup of glutinous rice flour (easily found in your Asian market)
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cooking oil (normally you use shallot oil, but I didn't have that)

1/2 cup chopped nuts I used almonds
3 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 -2 teaspoons chai spice mix*

*Chai Spice Mix:
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons cardamom
1 teaspoon cloves
1 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon coriander
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon allspice
1/4 teaspoon white pepper

  • All spices are in powdered form for this one. Mix all together and store in a spice jar. Add it to tea, coffee, cookies, granola and much more.

    • For the muah chee mix all the ingredients for the dough mixture in a microwave safe glass bowl. Microwave for 3 minutes...I covered mine with a glass plate but I don't think you have to do this.

      Remove from microwave and spoon out in bite size pieces. Then drop them into the topping mixture, it was just sticky enough to grab onto some of the nuts, sugar and spice and everything nice...couldn't resist. Some will dip the dough balls in shallot oil first then stick it in the topping mix, but this way worked good for me.

      There you have it...muah chee my way :D I still have to make it to Singapore or Malaysia to try it the right way!

      I really liked it a lot, I think better than I thought I would, just because of the texture thing...

      I enjoyed the cardamom, cinnamony flavors with the nuts. I think toasted, desiccated coconut with peanuts would be good on it too.

      The texture was soft, chewy and didn't stick to your teeth...really nice. I enjoyed it with some Vietnamese coffee, it went well together...mmm so good. I had some for breakfast the next morning and it was okay, but I liked it better fresh made.

      I will definitely make this again, especially since it was so easy and good! Thanks girls it was a lot of fun!!


      1. Wow, you made muah chee...:D)!! Looks great, Lyndsey :)!

      2. that looks real good, I love working with glutinous rice flour. Like I make deep-fried sesame seed balls stuffed with red bean paste, or mochi with different fillings, or I make this giant coconut butter mochi that you bake in oven (got it from look up Ono Butter mochi you won't regret it if you love custards, coconut, and mochi it's sort of like a combination of those 3 in 1)

      3. Your muah chee with almonds and chai spice sounds wonderful! The chai spice must add a nice flavor to the nut coating. I must try your microwave method as it really cuts down the cooking time. So glad to hear you enjoyed this simple but delicious snack. Yes, it is a texture thing :) Thank you so much for the mention.

      4. Lyndsey, wow very creative! I always make the traditional way for muah chee and never thought of adding chai spice. I want to come over to your place to enjoy this muah chee, sounds so delicious:) Thanks for the shout out :))

      5. These look and sounds delicious Lyndsey. I love rice flour! gloria

      6. looks really good. I've never heard of muah chee before and now I want to try it! way to go! :)

      7. I never thought to do this at home as it is so easy to obtain here, look at your, i feel like want to do this immediately! Good try!

      8. Lyndz, you made these....They look perfect! I don't eat this very often and have yet tried making my own either. This is too good. I must try making it one day too. I hope I am your neighbout now. hahaha... Then you must double the recipe. :o)
        Hope you're enjoying your day ahead.

      9. Now you have got me curious!

      10. New to me..Sounds absolutely delicious..!!!

      11. You brought muah chee to new levels! Back in Asia, it is just peanuts with the glutinous flour :)

      12. Sticky rice, nuts and spice--- awesome combination:)

      13. Love muah chee! Your chai spice mix sounds interesting, gonna try that soon (^.^)

      14. Oh my dear Lyndsey, I will die for Muah Chee!!, Can I come do house work for you for one week for those Muah Chee?? There is an old couple in Ipoh that sells these muah chee from their home. When I am back in Ipoh, my uncle will sure go buy them for me and I cannot tell you, how much enjoy eating them. They are the BEST! I have not found good muah chee in KL yet except the expensive ones in the Kampachi at The Equatorial.

      15. Looks and sounds so delicious. Love the combination of the spies. Would love to try this yummy snack!

      16. That looks liek a fabulous treat! I love glutinous desserts. Yummy!



      17. A very new recipe to me, looks absolutely delicious.

      18. I've never heard of these before, but I just bought some glutinous rice flour so I have to try them!

      19. Barvo! you made your own muah chee and your own version! I love muah chee very much, not can get this everywhere but still available!

      20. Looks yummy and sounds so much more flavorful! Will try the microwave way the next time I make this delicious dessert:D

      21. That chai spice mix looks fabulous. In fact, the entire recipe looks wonderful. I'm so glad you tried this and led the way. I do adore mochi with ice cream, eat it all the time at the Japanese museum here in town.

      22. CG- hehe thanks! :D

        Nathan - thanks for the info, I'll have to check that out!

        Biren thanks, I was happy with the microwave version, but then I don't know what to compare it to. I did like the spice.

        Anncoo - ha! yes come on over and I'll whip up a batch! :D

        Gloria - thanks

        Susan - hehe! Yeah I just had to try it too!

        Sonia - it's so easy to make I know you'll like it.

        Kristy - yes neighbor! I made a small batch just to try it...I'll make more when you get here :D

      23. Bo - Ha! Yes, now you have to try it!

        Sarah - surprisingly good!

        tigerfish - hehe I had to change it up a bit, just hope I didn't do too much!

        Malli - thank you

        Lia - I hope you get a chance to make it.

        Quay Po Cooks - It's a deal! It will be wonderful having great company while eating our muah chee! :)

        Elisabeth - I love using the chai spice in so many things.

        Rosa - thanks so much!

        Umm Mymoonah - thanks for visiting!

        Joanne - yes you really should, yummy and so easy too.

        Lena - I can't get it around here so I had to make it if I wanted to try it. :D

        Jeannie - thanks, I thought I had to do it different from you all. worked out good.

        Barbara - thanks, I do love chai spice blend. It was an easy way to try the GRF. So much more to explore :D

      24. Interesting new 'dipping' for muah chee and it's microwaved! You're really great Lyndsey! :D


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